Renforcement des services de radiologie dans la région Pacifique - Rencontrez Raymond Poe Esiason Laulu, un radiologue basé à Samoa


Strengthening radiology services in the Pacific Region- Meet Raymond Poe Esiason Laulu, a Radiologist based in Samoa

A group of 22 radiologists from 7 Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) in 2021, enrolled and completed the International Certificate in Radiology Fundamentals, in another step to broaden the region’s medical expertise.

The Pacific Community (SPC) with funding from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) facilitated this opportunity offered by Radiology Across Borders (RAB) in collaboration with the University of British Columbia, Canada.


Meet Raymond Poe Esiason Laulu, a Radiologist based in Samoa

Raymond successfully completed the International Certificate in Radiology Fundamentals and is the recipient of 2 awards. He received the award for “Best performing student” and “Best Performing Radiologist- Pacific”.  Raymond completed all eight units in the allotted time, passed each of the eight-unit assessments in his first attempt and achieved the highest average grade in his category.


How useful has this course been?

Upon completion of this course, I am happy to say that I have gained a better understanding with regards to all aspects of Radiology such as x-rays, ultrasound, and computerized tomography (CT) scans. I have renewed confidence when facing complex cases because of the clinical radiological pearls and tips that I have learned throughout this course and thus I am able to apply that during consultations and medical imaging examination of patients.


What value does this add to your radiology skills and practises?

New radiological knowledge and skills will greatly benefit and improve patient diagnosis. Accurate diagnosis will lead to improved patient outcome which is the overall goal of all medical services. Plus, the knowledge and skills I have acquired can be passed on to the other members of the radiology team which in turn will greatly improve the medical imaging service that we can provide for patients.


Why do you think continued learning as such is important?

With the ever-increasing number of patients and clinicians who require diagnosis via medical imaging services on a daily basis (xrays/ultrasound/CT), it is vital that we as clinicians and health care providers keep our knowledge and skills up to date with the latest best practices in order for us to provide the best possible radiologic/diagnostic care for our patients.


What are some learnings from the course that you have applied or implemented?

Thanks to the combined efforts of various brilliant minds in the field of Radiology who came together to deliver this course, I can happily say that I have taken on board their knowledge and experience which has been shared, and have applied that with regards to reviewing our in office radiology/medical imaging protocols to make sure that what we practice, is in line with the gold standard that is offered worldwide, albeit taking into account the resources and equipment available at our disposal.

Radiology procedures and protocols are constantly involving and undergo peer reviews, it is therefore important that we keep up to date with these changes.


How has the pandemic changed the way you work and what ways have been adopted to provide efficient services?

The pandemic has forced us to make do without vital imaging equipment as well as supplies due to worldwide shortages, unpredictable changes in shipping schedules and border restrictions. We have adapted our medical imaging modalities to suit what we have available to accommodate the request of clinicians and assist them in patient diagnosis. This of course is done on a case-by-case basis so that radiologic/diagnostic care provided, will be beneficial for all parties involved given the current global circumstances.

Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for this opportunity as it has helped me realize my goal in terms of learning more and continuing to hone my skills within the field of Radiology. I would recommend this course to anyone who is passionate in radiology or the field of medical imaging.


For further information, please contact:
Evlyn Mani
, Communications Officer, Public Health Division, Pacific Community (SPC) | [email protected]

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