Les acteurs de l'agriculture biologique deviennent formateurs : Développer la boîte à outils d'analyse de la chaîne de valeur biologique et de l'égalité des genres


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Daphne Tudreu, co-owner of Tudreu farm in Nadi, Fiji speaks on the value chain analysis of the products on her farm

Representatives from Kiribati, Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the host country, Fiji are learning to become trainers this week in Nadi, Fiji as they do a deep dive into the Gender and Organic Value Chain Analysis Toolkit.

The Toolkit aims to enhance understanding among organic agriculture stakeholders regarding the unique dynamics between men and women in organic value chains.  It has been developed and launched with the support of the Australian Government through the Building Prosperity for Women Producers, Processors and Women-owned Businesses through Organic Value Chain (BPWP) Project, which is implemented by the Pacific Community (SPC) through the Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community (POETCom).

Florence Rahiria, Manager of Operations for SPC's Land Resources Division, in her opening remarks, shared, “By investing in this ToT programme, your countries have demonstrated their strong commitment to advancing the rights and opportunities of all individuals and promoting equity-driven principles and approaches across the agricultural sector. This includes supporting the implementation of key national and regional commitments towards gender equality outcomes.”

Workshop participants are undergoing the Training of Trainers to build their capacity in conducting a gender and organic value chain analysis and honing their skills as facilitators, enabling them to transfer their acquired knowledge to their national context. By integrating gender considerations into value chain approaches, they can work toward improving value chains in the organic sector.  Access to relevant knowledge and tools can help identify and address gender-related barriers within organic agriculture.

The BPWP project has played a vital role in empowering POETCom to advance its gender equity agenda across its areas of work, and the broader organic movement,” said POETCom Coordinator Jim Pierce. “By providing essential resources, capacities and skills, the project has significantly accelerated POETCom's efforts in mainstreaming gender equity.”

Pierce concluded that POETCom is committed to supporting Pacific communities and farming families to realise their organic agricultural goals. POETCom aims for its programmes to benefit women and men equally to work towards gender equality.

About POETCom
POETCom is the peak body for organic movement in the Pacific region. It is a membership organization of farmers' associations, farmer support organisations, NGOs, private sector, and research institutions working with governments across the Pacific. POETCom is hosted by the Land Resources Division (LRD) of the Pacific Community (SPC) in Suva, Fiji.

POETCom is breaking new ground in the Organic movement, with a gender-inclusive people-centred approach that marks an important milestone in gender mainstreaming into the organic agriculture sector in the Pacific.

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