PILNA Pairwise Linking Study

Suva, Fiji
Pacific Community, Fiji

This study will commence with a training on how to use the statistical linking methodology known as pairwise comparison. Conducted by EQAP's technical partner, the Australian Centre for Educational Research (ACER), the training will demonstrate how to develop a statistical scale by which to compare regional or national large scale assessment data to a different source of assessment data. In this study, the comparison will be made between the PILNA 2018 data on minimum proficiency levels and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal indicator 4.1.1 on minimum proficiency standards. Once this statistical linking exercise, or pairwise comparison, is completed, the resultant scale will allow for existing student data on minimum proficiency levels from PILNA 2018, to be used to report the proportion of students at and above each of the levels as defined by the SDG 4.1.1 indicator. In this study, PILNA data will be analysed for alignment by EQAP, with expert guidance from ACER’s research team. Education researchers from Fiji’s Ministry of Education, the University of Fiji, Fiji Facility, and the University of the South Pacific have also been invited to be part of the training. 

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