Le chiffre de la semaine : cinq pays insulaires du Pacifique obtiennent un indice inférieur à 50 (échelle de 0 à 100) pour la couverture des services de santé essentiels


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On International Universal Health Coverage Day, it is noted that despite improvements, five Pacific Island countries return an index score of less than 50 (scale 0 to 100) for coverage of essential health services.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an ongoing moment of reckoning for health systems around the world. While the harsh lessons of our global situation are far from new—and while fears and injustices now making headlines reflect the daily reality of millions before the pandemic—the sheer scale of this crisis has sparked new urgency around health systems and universal health coverage. More leaders than ever are paying attention, and more people than ever are rising to demand change. (Source: UN)

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