Journée internationale des femmes 2022 — Accomplir plus que ce que j'avais envisagé


Zarin Khan, the Pacific Community, Research Assistant Pacific Disaster Net, Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Division

With a background in Library studies, I originally thought my job would only be in a library. When I got an opportunity to work with SPC as a Research Assistant, I came to realise I can accomplish more than I had envisaged. I have been working as an Information Management Support officer in SPC ‘s Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Division for 7 years now and I love this work.     I work in leading the Pacific Disaster Net (PDN Network) which ensures access to information, cataloguing of disaster risk activities and allows internal and external teams to access this in a timely manner. 

My focus over this time has been to support all my colleagues in different areas of work and to always do my best in my work.  It is also an achievement as I have realised the importance of updated databases of information especially in areas of disaster and climate change.

Great satisfaction is felt when the work we did with research and cataloguing disaster risk management activities is appreciated by the internal and external stakeholders. Leaping an extra mile from what I thought of a person being in a library meant a lot to me.

I encourage any woman or girl to really challenge themselves and go beyond what you think your role could be as it will open many opportunities and show you careers and roles you may not have ever thought of. 

Women being involved in areas like disaster information is very important as disasters, especially in the Pacific, impact us directly so ensuring we are the Leaders of tomorrow with our colleagues is important now and into the future.

“Women are not only best mothers or house carers, but they are the best leaders in today’s World”.

Zarin is the Information Officer for the Pacific Disaster Net at SPC’s Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Division.

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