Journée internationale de sensibilisation aux pertes et gaspillages de nourriture


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Today marks the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss (IDAFLW)!

First observed in 2020, the day is dedicated to reaffirming our commitment to combating food waste. In honour of IDAFLW, we will share video stories throughout the day on Zero Food Waste. 


The International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, with the 2023 theme “Reducing food loss and waste:  Taking Action to Transform Food Systems”, is an opportunity to call to action both the public (national or local authorities) and the private sector (businesses and individuals), to prioritise actions and move ahead with innovation to reduce food loss and waste towards restoring and building back better and resilient-ready, food systems. (United Nations)

Watch the stories of Pacific Food Waste Heroes

There are great stories out there of food waste heroes, let's share them!


From small town to world-class: The rise of women Oyster Farmers in Vutia, Fiji

Watch the journey of some of the incredible women in Vutia, Fiji who have been working hard to produce some of the freshest and tastiest oysters in Fiji.


TONGA: How a seaweed family business survived COVID and the volcano eruption

This video tells the inspiring story of a seaweed business entrepreneur who not only survived but thrived during the COVID economic crisis from Tonga.


Call to Action: Compost!


In honour of IDAFLW, we have been spotlight video stories throughout the day on reducing food waste. Here is a call to action- a simple way of reducing food waste through composting.



Let us reflect on our commitment to combat food waste

Food waste contributes to climate change and threatens food security. For the Pacific, this is critical to protecting our livelihoods as a region that is at the forefront of these issues. We can work together as individuals and do our part to reduce food waste.

Simple things like better meal planning, storing food properly, composting, and supporting local producers are ways that can help reduce food waste.


Happy International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste!

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