Le manuel pour guider l'élaboration d'un plan national multisectoriel sur les MNT et la création d'un comité national multisectoriel sur les MNT est désormais disponible


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The Pacific Community’s (SPC) Public Health Division (PHD) has published a handbook to guide the development of a National multisectoral Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) plan and the establishment of a multisectoral committee to oversee the implementation of the plan.

NCDs severely affect the whole population in the Pacific, causing approximately 75% of deaths. NCDs are driven by risk behaviours and compounded by multiple environmental factors. It is therefore important to explore the drivers of NCDs in a local context, identify the relevant sectors, and develop the appropriate responses  to address the root causes of NCDs at the national level.  This handbook was developed in response to the request from countries and in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

The handbook provides the national NCD focal persons, public health professionals, national health planners, and NCD stakeholders with a step-by-step guide to develop or strengthen the development and establishment of a national multisectoral NCD plan and a national multisectoral NCD committee.

Dr Si Thu Win Tin, Team Leader for NCD Prevention and Control Programme at PHD said that “SPC continues to support the Pacific to intensify a multi-sectoral response to NCDs to minimise its impact and to strengthen preparedness for current and potential health crises.”

The Handbook to guide the development of a National Multisectoral NCD plan and the establishment of a National Multisectoral NCD committee is available online: http://purl.org/spc/digilib/doc/gy4cz

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