Our Work

At the Pacific Community (SPC), we are recognised for our scientific and technical expertise, and for how we apply our expertise in responding to the specific development needs of our members.

We have a strong comparative advantage in being able to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing some of the region’s most complex development challenges, including climate change, disasters, non-communicable diseases, gender equality, youth employment, food and water security, and biosecurity for trade.

We recognise that our programmes and services need to consider the changing development landscape at national, regional and global levels. As a key institution in the regional architecture of organisations supporting the Pacific, our programmes are designed to reflect the strategic direction set out in the Framework for Pacific Regionalism, the regional priorities identified in the SAMOA Pathway (Small Island Developing States Accelerated Modalities of Action) and the commitments in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs reflect many of our members’ national development priorities, in addition to myriad global and regional frameworks and multilateral agreements. Our activities therefore reflect regional and global trends.

Our organisation’s strategic direction is set out in our Pacific Community Strategic Plan 2016–2020. It contains five strategic organisational objectives to further improve our effectiveness, including adapting to our members’ evolving development contexts and priorities.

Strategic organisational objectives:

  1. Strengthen engagement and collaboration with Pacific Community members and partners
  2. Strengthen our technical and scientific knowledge and expertise
  3. Address members’ development priorities through multi-disciplinary approaches
  4. Improve our planning, prioritisation, evaluation, learning and innovation
  5. Enhance the capabilities of our people, systems and processes