50th Meeting of the Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations (CRGA)


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Representatives of the 26 countries and territories that govern the Pacific Community (SPC) will meet in a hybrid fashion with the majority meeting virtually and where possible, some gathering in Noumea, New Caledonia, and Suva, Fiji, from 17 to 19 November 2020 for the 50th meeting of the Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations.

CRGA oversees three sub-committees: the Sub-committee on the implementation of the Strategic Plan, the Pacific Board for Educational Quality and the Audit and Risk Committee.

The terms of reference for all SPC’s governance documents can be found in The Pacific Community Governance Compendium.



More information on CRGA 50 will be posted as it is confirmed. Session times below may not be final.


All representatives to join for microphone testing and instructions for virtual engagement - Paper 2

  • Prayer
  • Election of Chair
  • Opening statement by Director-General

2020 Overview of challenges, results and progress, strategy, and opportunities:

  • Challenges with COVID19 key responses
  • Structural augmentation, building efficiencies and Strengthening partnership with members
  • Highlighting results and progress
  • Opportunities to build back better

Paper 3a. Director-General’s report

  • Implementation of CRGA 49 and Special Session decisions (for noting) - Paper 3.b CRGA 49 and Special Session decisions (for noting)
  • Out-of-session decisions (for noting) - Paper 3.c Out-of-session decisions (for noting)
  • Report from the CRGA Subcommittee on Strategic Plan Implementation: To be presented by Jimmy Naouna, SC Chair, with support from SC Secretariat (SPL)
  • Proposed 12-month transition plan: SPL
  • Pacific Pathfinder Toolkit – Strategic planning with futures thinking and foresight: SPL

Paper 4

  • Audit and Risk Committee report - Paper 5.1
  • 2019 Audited financial statements - Paper 5.2
  • 2020 Revised budget - Paper 5.3
  • 2021 Proposed budget - Paper 5.4
  • Report on human resources and health and safety - Paper 6a
  • Report on remuneration - Paper 6b

Paper 7


Paper 8


Paper 9

  • a. Report from Pacific Board for Educational Quality (PBEQ) – a CRGA Subcommittee 
    PBEQ report to CRGA  - Paper 10a
  • b. Update on Youth High-Level Dialogue outcomes
    Pacific Youth Development Framework - Paper 10b
  • c. CROP cohesion and coordination - Paper 10c
    All Information papers for noting 

Afternoon Tea – Celebrating conclusion of CRGA 50 (For delegates present in Suva and Noumea)


Session papers for CRGA have been provided to SPC members. If you are a registered participant and have not received session papers please contact us here to receive secure link.


Details on Media access will be provided closer to the event date.

Media who are currently on the SPC contact list will be provided with video and photo material.

Requests to be added to our contact list, for support in arranging interviews or other information support should be directed to: [email protected].


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