SPC staff are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards. SPC’s contractors are also expected to adhere to the highest standards of integrity. SPC has an internal audit function, outsourced to Price Waterhouse Coopers, that reports to SPC’s Audit and Risk Committee.

As a demonstration of its commitment to these practices, SPC has established a mechanism for the public to report any misconduct, abuse of authority or any form of wrong-doing by individuals working for SPC or contracted by SPC.

In particular, members of the public may choose to:

Bidder protest

If a bidder involved in an SPC procurement process considers they were not treated fairly, or that SPC failed to properly follow the requirements of the Procurement Policy, then that bidder may lodge a protest.

To lodge a protest, you can email [email protected] with your allegations. Your protest will need to include:

  • your full contact details
  • the details of the relevant procurement
  • the reasons for your protest, including how the alleged behaviour negatively impacted on your bid
  • copies of any documents supporting your grounds for protest
  • the relief that is sought.

Your protest will be recorded and will be acknowledged promptly. You may be contacted to provide more information. An officer uninvolved in the original procurement process and with no conflict of interest will be nominated to investigate your protest.

Your protest will be received in good faith and will not impact your involvement in future bids.

Fraud, corruption, misconduct

SPC has a zero tolerance for fraud and corruption. If you wish to report a potential act of fraud or corruption, or misconduct by an SPC official you can email [email protected] with your allegations.

Your report should contain as much information as possible to enable an investigation of the complaint and include

  • information about the alleged act of fraud, corruption or misconduct
  • when, where and how the alleged act occurred
  • who was involved, in or, may have knowledge of, the act
  • any documents, evidence, or details of witnesses that may support your allegations.

Your complaint will be recorded and acknowledged promptly. You may be contacted to provide further information. SPC will then determine whether to initiate an investigation.



Grievance mechanism for impact on affected communities

SPC is committed to receiving any concerns or grievances from an affected community, about the environmental and social plans or performance of any SPC project.

If you are concerned that you, your community or your environment may be or is currently being adversely affected because of a project that SPC is implementing, then please let us know by sending the grievance complaint form to emailing [email protected]

SPC will receive and acknowledge your complaint. You may be contacted for further information to help us understand your concerns. Your grievance will be considered and recommendations made to senior management about a potential action plan.


The legal unit within the Deputy Director-General Noumea’s office will support SPC’s internal auditors by coordinating all investigations. The Deputy Director-General will allocate an officer to investigate, who has the necessary skills and has no conflict of interest.

SPC will only investigate complaints that are founded and backed by evidence.

All allegations of fraud are reported to SPC’s Audit and Risk Committee.