Qu'est-ce que la CPS ? - Présentation des services d'information de la CPS



(contenu disponible en anglais uniquement)

The Pacific Community (SPC) is the principal scientific and technical organisation in the Pacific region. We are renowned for knowledge and innovation in such areas as fisheries science, public health surveillance, geoscience and conservation of plant genetic resources for food security. To enable these core businesses to work effectively, teams are working hard to provide them support. As part of the SPC’s Information Services:

  • the ICT team is working to ensure the internet connexion is good and provide technical assistance during the online conference;
  • the translation and interpretation team works closely with the publication team to provide translated documents and interpretation during our meetings;
  • the Library team is also working to ensure all SPC’s key documents are available in the digital library;
  • the general administration team welcome members and public;
  • the event management team coordinates with SPC’s teams and partners to ensure the running of the events.

In this video from the “What is SPC?” series, get a "Behind the Scenes"  overview of what SPC’s Information Services team is doing to support the work of SPC’s divisions.