About the campaign

Role models for positive change

“Do you know an inspiring Pacific woman?”

That was the question posed to a global audience in an open, participatory campaign that looked to identify 70 Inspiring Pacific Women who have helped shape development in our region.

The resulting profiles highlight Pacific women who have made a significant contribution to the social, economic, cultural and political development in Pacific islands countries and territories.

Many of these women are pioneers whose actions have led to changes to improve the lives of Pacific women and men.

Many of them have also challenged long-standing norms to effect positive outcomes and in doing so, emerged as role models for positive change.

The campaign marks the 70th anniversary of the Pacific Community, which now more than ever, is committed to people-centred development.

It is published in the lead up to the 13th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women which will be held in Fiji from 2 to 5 October 2017.

Audrey Aumua
Deputy Director-General (Suva)
Pacific Community

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