World Food Day: Tonga taps tradition and the Pacific’s Tree of Life to feed communities and secure livelihoods

As the global community celebrates World Food Day 2021 on October 16 with the theme of “our actions are our future”, one project in Tonga is ensuring the future of local communities by building on the harvest of traditional food through youth.

Passing on farming traditions to protect food systems

In Tonga, a local organization is setting up organic farming projects to enable young people to learn from elders how to generate some revenue while protecting the country's food systems.   Video produced by Alexandre Brecher, Corporate Communications…

A glimpse into the Pacific food systems

  Discover the specificities of food systems in the Pacific region, why they are particularly fragile, and the role of the island communities in protecting them. Video produced by Alexandre Brecher, Corporate Communications Office

Decade of Ocean Science laboratory on Predicted September 16th

Vaka Moana: Weaving traditional and modern science to understand current and future ocean conditions For our voyage through the Pacific, we will follow a current system that will take us from the heart of Polynesia, going West through Melanesia, then…

Discover the network of agroecology demonstration farms in Wallis and Futuna

(content available in French only) Découvrez le réseau de fermes de démonstration en agroécologie de Wallis et Futuna A Wallis et Futuna, sept agriculteurs font partie du réseau de fermes de démonstration en agroécologie PROTEGE.

The Loyalty Islands are studying the opportunities for aquaculture and fish farming in their islands

Les Îles Loyautés étudient les enjeux de l’aquaculture et de la pisciculture pour leurs îles

Meet Toga Raikoti, Population Census & Survey Data Processing Specialist Programmer at SPC

Can you tell us about yourself and your work? My name is Toga Raikoti, I work for the SDD, in SPC, Noumea, as a population census and survey data processing specialist.

Healthy Tips: There are about 1000 plants with edible leaves around the world

Do you know there are about 1000 plants with edible leaves around the world? Some examples are taro leaves, watercress etc. Watch the video above and learn how to cook watercress.

Drue: The village caught between a rock and a hard place

In the remote village of Drue on the Fijian island of Kadavu, the locals face a life-changing decision: to remain at the mercy of the rising ocean or move their entire community to higher ground. Sixty-three-year-old stroke survivor Miriama (Miri)…

Fisheries Story: The SPC Fisheries and Ecosystem Monitoring work

Let’s discover how the Pacific community uses cutting edge science to monitor the largest tuna fisheries worldwide (Western and central Pacific Ocean) and the ecosystem that supports these stocks.
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