« We do not feel alone »

Her smile and her passion say it all. This is what you first notice when you meet Kalena Debrum, the Chief Scientist of Coastal Fisheries in the Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority. Passion for her job and for everything related to marine…

The Pacific Community and Climate Change

The Pacific Community launches new information tools on sustainable fishing practices

The Pacific Community (SPC) in partnership with the European Union (EU) is launching today a series of animated videos targeting the fishers, the schools and the general public with the objective of raising awareness on sustainable fishing practices.

SPC Inside: Learn more about governance in the context of official statistics in the Pacific

The Pacific Statistics Methods Board (PSMB) and Pacific Statistics Standing Committee (PSSC) both had meetings recently in Noumea. This short video explains how these statistics governance bodies and the Pacific Community are contributing to…

SPC innovation: ReefLex, a regional online database on coastal fisheries and aquaculture law and policy

Pacific Regional workshop on Legal Identity & Identity Security

SPC ensuring long-term sustainability of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture for PICTs

Pacific Data Hub: Improving collaboration

During the 49th Meeting of the Committee of the Representatives of Governments and Administrations (CRGA 49), in Noumea, New Caledonia, members were able to learn about the Pacific Data Hub. This took place during an interactive session on the Monday…

PCCOS, a new centre of excellence in Ocean Science

Navigating their way through the ocean channel using SPC Ocean Science information The Pacific Community Centre of Ocean Science, known as PCCOS, is a new centre of excellence in Ocean Science that draws together all of the technical and scientific work…

RESCCUE Project - Greening taxes and subsidies in Pacific Islands Countries and Territories

Making taxes and subsidies more sustainable is one of the challenges that the RESCCUE Project tackled as part of it support for the development of innovative economic and financial solutions.
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