Sustainable workforce promoting equal opportunities for Pacific women in Maritime

More than 50% of Pacific people live in outer islands. Maritime transport is the backbone of their island economies and communities. The importance of maritime transport in the Pacific has become increasingly critical during this time of COVID-19. This…

PROTEGE: A network of agroecology demonstration farms in the Pacific OCTs

The EDF-11-funded PROTEGE project has not escaped the health crisis. Regional activities have been particularly hard hit by border closings and the implementation of PROTEGE activities has been significantly delayed by COVID-19.

We need to slow down and reconnect with our Ocean for the future of the planet

By Stuart Minchin, Director-General Pacific Community (SPC) COVID19 has brought the world to a halt. The devastating impact of the global pandemic on people’s lives and the world’s economy is a jarring and historic turning point for all of us but it is…

Pacific countries consulted to help strengthen regional approaches to disaster management

Recent consultations on how to progress strengthened approaches to disaster management across the Pacific region were recently held in Suva, Fiji.

A conversation with Neville Smith, Director of the Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems (FAME) Division of SPC

How is the COVID-19 impacting climate action? A conversation with Sylvie Goyet, director of the Climate Change division of SPC.

Dr Stuart Minchin, SPC Director-General: With the crisis, we’re learning new ways of working

Dr Paula Vivili, Director of SPC’s Public Health division, discusses COVID-19 in the Pacific

Social and Environmental Responsibility Plan produced by the Territories for the Territories

Pacific Island Countries take the helm on Aids to Navigation and safety at sea

Almost 50% of the population of the Pacific live on outer islands stretched across our vast Blue Pacific, which makes up 28 million sq. kilometres of Ocean. This sector is a backbone for the Pacific economy as communities are reliant on it for access to…
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