PFLP - Leadership for Change Modules

Nadi, Fiji
Nadi, Fiji

Delivered virtually in collaboration with the Centre for Leadership and Adaptive Development (CLA), through the online platform

The Leadership for Change is part of the Pacific Fisheries Leadership Programme (PFLP). The course provides essential analytical and practical skills for leading change in any social and organisational setting. Sessions explore diagnostic and action strategies to address complex organisational challenges, including mobilising stakeholders, leading with and without authority, and managing conflict to develop a framework for effective leadership practice.

Leadership for Change is a stand-alone course comprised of 4 different 3-day virtual modules aimed at strengthening and expanding participants' leadership skills. Two series of four Modules are offered each year so participants can take modules in different series if required.  Modules delivered monthly, are comprised of three consecutive half days (10am-2pm, Fiji time).  Each 3-day module is 12 hours in total, delivered over 3 days in 4-hour sessions. In each module, participants learn from their experience by analysing past cases of leadership failure as well as the emerging dynamics in the group to better understand and address the challenges they face in their roles.


Module topics and preliminary dates are as follows: 

  1. Approaches to complex challenges in Pacific Fisheries (October 13-15, 10am-2pm, Fiji Time) UPCOMING
  2. Understanding barriers to change in people and organizations (October 26-28, 10am-2pm, Fiji time)
  3. Working with conflict and building partnerships across agencies (November 10-12, 10am-2pm, Fiji Time)
  4. Managing yourself and strengthening your leadership practice (November 24-26, 10am-2pm, Fiji Time)

Note to Applicants:

  • Modules 1, 2 and 3 should be taken in order.
  • You need to have taken at least one of these modules to participate in Module 4.
  • Attendance to ALL 3 days of each module is a must.
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