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(Virtual) Training workshop on Basic MCS & E skills for Kiribati coastal fisheries

SPC Tuna Tagging

The 2020 Pacific Tuna tagging success relies on Fishing industry and Technology sector collaboration

The Pacific Community (SPC) has just completed a critical expedition to monitor the health of the world's largest tuna fishery in the Western and Central Pacific. The success of the expedition was largely due to increased support provided by the fishing…

Giulia's Tuna Tagging Adventure

Giulia Anderson & the crew of the Gutsy Lady 4 returned to Honolulu on Friday 02 October after a 7-week research expedition to monitor the health of the world's largest tuna fishery. Giulia had only just landed her dream job as a fisheries molecular…

Tuna tagging helps Pacific islands face uncertain future

    This story originally appeared on the World Ocean Initiative website, it has been reposted here with permission  

How the Pacific Islands are Balancing COVID-19 Survival Demands on Coastal Fisheries with Sustainable Management

Coastal fisheries provide vital food security and household incomes throughout the Pacific Islands. The fish market, Auki, Malaita Province, Solomon Islands. Credit: Catherine Wilson/IPS

Fisheries Newsletter #162

EU Marine Programme Launches New Website

The Pacific-European Union (EU) Marine Partnership (PEUMP) programme has launched its new website today. The website, which can be accessed here, contains extensive information on the programme’s activities in coastal fisheries, marine biodiversity,…

The Fisher’s Tales: helping young people learn more about good fishing practices

For its first participation in New Caledonia’s International Underwater Film and Photo Festival, the Pacific Community (SPC) held short-video screenings for the many schoolchildren, people living with disabilities, and members of the general public who…

11 September, 2020 - Giulia's Tuna Tagging Adventure Continues

Now at the halfway point of the 2020 Pacific Tuna Tagging expedition, Giulia Anderson reports on their progress as they chase schools of tuna across the vast waters of Kiribati's EEZ and the Phoenix Islands Protected Area.   As an early career scientist…
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