Fisheries, Aquaculture & Marine Ecosystems (FAME)


To keep our fisheries sustainable, respect rules and regulations

Why are there areas where we can't go fishing? Why do we have size limits for certain fish or invertebrate species? Why do we ban certain types of fishing? These are some of the questions raised in this series of simple and educational posters…

Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin #30

Editor's note

Science is key to solving our climate change challenges

Science, and the rigorous examination and evaluation of data, is the foundation of modern society. In the harnessing of electricity, the exploration of space, the elimination of polio, or the development of the internet, to name a few examples, we have…

Vanuatu National Roadmap for Coastal Fisheries: 2019–2030

Vanuatu National Sea Cucumber Fishery Management Plan 2019-2024

Fisheries Newsletter #158

Editorial Two of the three feature articles in this issue relate to coastal marine resource assessments, and they, not surprisingly, ring alarm bells.

Fiji’s Muanaira Womens Group sees promise in pilot mangrove oyster farm

It’s hard work walking over sharp shells in the mud, reaching in amongst dense mangrove roots and chipping off oysters. But members of Muanaira Womens Group have been doing this work for years, harvesting the oysters that cling to the roots of mangroves…

Projection / débat BIOPELAGOS : découvrir la biodiversité du grand large

Le projet BIOPELAGOS vise à étudier la biodiversité marine du large, encore méconnue. Les travaux ont porté sur le réseau alimentaire, des premiers maillons (phytoplancton, zooplancton, micronecton) jusqu’aux grands prédateurs du large (thons et oiseaux…

Special FFC - Pre-WCPFC16 meetings

3rd SPC Regional Technical Meeting for Coastal Fisheries (RTMCF)

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