UN Ocean Conference

Scaling up Ocean Action Based on Science and Innovation for the Implementation of Goal 14: Stocktaking, Partnerships and Solutions 

SIDE EVENT: A Sustainable Blue Pacific Continent – Scaling up action through Ocean Science, Policy and Traditional knowledge

How fishers are Guardians of the Pacific

Did you know that the average consumption of fresh fish per person per year is 58 kg in the Pacific, compared to 19 kg globally? This highlights the critical importance of this resource for the region.

Hot off the press: Why our future relies on health of our ocean

The Pacific Community presents a selection of products published by SPC and our partners highlighting the important scientific and technical work that we are currently undertaking across the Blue Pacific Continent. Why do we need a Centre for Ocean…

A Fisheries Science Vessel for the Pacific

PCCOS is working with SPC's Fisheries, Aquaculture and Maritime and Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Divisions, along with external partners and collaborators on the acquisition of Fisheries Science Vessel for the Pacific.

Delivery of 1000 Covid test kits to Samoa allows critical fisheries data work to continue

The recent surge in Covid cases in Samoa over the past two months has strained national government resources to provide Covid test kits to all personnel. The Samoa Health Department identified the Apia Fish Market and the International Wharf at Matautu…

The Pacific Community Centre for Ocean Science (PCCOS) Brochure

World Ocean's Day

Ocean Science Fact: Some sharks living today were born in the 1600s

Some shark species can live very long lives. The Greenland shark, which lives in the Artic, has the longest known lifespan of all vertebrate species.  It can live for over 400 years, and potentially much longer. Learn more from PCCOS.

Fisheries Newsletter #167

Number 167 (Jan.–April. 2022): COMPLETE PUBLICATION
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