Safer Seas, Cleaner Oceans: The PIDSS program

For centuries, pacific people have travelled across the vast oceans using traditional canoes and other means of transportation. Today hundreds of thousands of people are dependent on sea and shipping services for business, inter-island travel or just the…

Solomon Islands strengthens maritime safety

Improving the safety of Solomon Islands' Honiara port was in focus this week as the capital’s maritime stakeholders met to identify the risks and hazards affecting the Port of Honiara. This was the first meeting of the sort held in the Pacific Island…

Tuvalu aims to improve ocean forecasting and maritime safety

Tuvalu Meteorological Service staff along with stakeholders from across the national maritime industry gathered in Tuvalu this week for a workshop on ocean forecasting and maritime safety. Participants of the workshop highlighted the need for improved…

Improving Pacific search and rescue capacity through cooperation and coordination

The Seventh Pacific Regional Search and Rescue workshop was opened this morning in Auckland.

Zoom - Making ferry travel safer in Solomon Islands

At a Pacific Domestic Ship Safety Programme (PIDDS) workshop in Honiara, Solomon Islands: ship operators with Patteson Arish Mane (front row, second from left) Catching a ferry is a way of life for many people in Solomon Islands. To keep up with demands…

Flag state inspectors acquire knowledge on ship safety standards

This follows a regional training initiative conducted by the Pacific Community (SPC) in collaboration with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) which began in Suva, Fiji, on 19 September 2016.

Supporting maritime governance and safety management in Solomon Islands

A Pacific Island programme aimed at improving and maintaining safety management on board domestic ships is currently under way in Honiara, Solomon Islands with assistance from the Pacific Community (SPC). Domestic shipping is fundamental for inter-island…

Federated States of Micronesia pursue a common approach between disaster risk and climate change

A joint Environment Summit and Disaster Risk Management Platform is being held this week (15-19 August) in Weno, Chuuk, to address challenges related to the impacts of disasters throughout the Federated States of Micronesia.

Strengthening disaster risk management in Palau States

Representatives from 16 States in Palau have completed an Introduction to Disaster Management (IDM) training course with Palau’s National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) to strengthen their capacity in disaster preparedness and response.

Emergency grab bags to promote safety at sea in Niue

In an effort to ensure the safety of lives at sea, 20 emergency kits were presented to small-scale fishers and boat owners in Alofi, Niue today, by the European Union Ambassador for the Pacific, His Excellency Andrew
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