Our Ocean Conference 2023: Palau leading the way for sustainable coastal and marine tourism

World Food Day: Tonga taps tradition and the Pacific’s Tree of Life to feed communities and secure livelihoods

As the global community celebrates World Food Day 2021 on October 16 with the theme of “our actions are our future”, one project in Tonga is ensuring the future of local communities by building on the harvest of traditional food through youth.

Fisheries Story: How could you tell that your fishing activities are sustainable?

How could you tell that your fishing activities are sustainable? I respect size limits I use fishing tools that not destroy coral reef or the environment I respect closed seasons, and I do not catch fish during the spawning season I catch what I need. I…

How the Pacific Islands are Balancing COVID-19 Survival Demands on Coastal Fisheries with Sustainable Management

Coastal fisheries provide vital food security and household incomes throughout the Pacific Islands. The fish market, Auki, Malaita Province, Solomon Islands. Credit: Catherine Wilson/IPS

Fiji’s Muanaira Womens Group sees promise in pilot mangrove oyster farm

It’s hard work walking over sharp shells in the mud, reaching in amongst dense mangrove roots and chipping off oysters. But members of Muanaira Womens Group have been doing this work for years, harvesting the oysters that cling to the roots of mangroves…

New fish species in New Caledonia

The new fish, Polyipnus laruei, is named after yachters Pierre and William Larue who discovered it.  After more than two years’ work, the description of the new fish species has been officially approved by Zootaxa scientific journal (http://www.mapress.…

Data is key for sustainable Pacific fisheries

The importance of inshore fisheries to people living in the Pacific region, both economically and as a food source, was quantified at the recent regional workshop on the “Future of coastal/inshore fisheries management”, held at the Secretariat of the…

Future of coastal fisheries lies between science, Pacific tradition and a song

A new song for Pacific coastal fisheries, representing a pathway to change, was the centrepiece of recommendations to emerge from a fisheries forum which ended today at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) headquarters in Noumea.
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