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Workshop to Review Pacific Regional Teacher Competency Framework

EQAP's Curriculum and Assessment Team will convene a workshop to work with several regional agencies and development partners to review the Pacific Regional Teacher Competency Framework. The partners invited to help reshape the decade-old framework…

Report capturing key performance indicators of Pacific education shows progress, but serious challenges remain 

What are the education realities for Pacific learners? Do the education systems of Pacific nations deliver quality education? Are most students achieving the expected learning outcomes, or are too many of them falling behind? Are Pacific students being…

Regional education assessment helps Pacific students achieve their full potential

Almost 10 years ago, the Pacific Community (SPC) launched an assessment of the region's literacy and numeracy performance in primary schools. Thanks to a flexible approach based on the Pacific tradition of constant adaptation and dialogue, this…

Literacy Day - What is literacy?

In Pacific Education, literacy is defined as “the knowledge and skills necessary to empower a person to communicate through any form of language in their society and the wider world, with respect to all aspects of everyday life.”

SPC celebrating International Literacy Day

Happy International Literacy Day!

Stat of the week: 98% of children in Palau achieve minimum proficiency in literacy by the end of primary school

  98% of children in Palau achieve minimum proficiency in literacy by the end of primary school. (PILNA 2018)

PacREF MEL Training & Awareness Workshop

​PacREF's Annual Reflection workshop aims to provide the necessary platform to allow the 15 Pacific education system's contact person and representatives of the PacREF Implementing Agencies (IAs) to review their data, experiences and progress in regard…

Pacific Community Warns of Threat to Education Retention in the Wake of COVID-19

Photo: Many families in the Solomon Islands and across the Pacific Islands region struggle to keep their children in school due to COVID-19 related economic hardship. Credit: IPS/Catherine Wilson

Pacific Education: Education statistics to help leaders to make good decisions

Do you know what the statistics say about your country's education system? Governments and the leading stakeholders in this sector have a duty to help the public understand their education data and related issues. Read this blog on education and …
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