International Literacy Day 2023

The 8th of September was proclaimed International Literacy Day by UNESCO in 1966 to remind the international community of the importance of literacy for individuals, communities and societies, and the need for intensified efforts towards more literate…

Pacific Board of Education Quality (PBEQ) Meeting 2023

Photo: Dr Michelle Belisle presents the 2020 Director's Report to the PBEQ    Annual meeting of the Pacific Board of Education Quality.

Equipping Pacific’s future leaders by prioritizing education today!

Transforming primary education in the Pacific through data-Informed strategies

The global drive to engage in evidence-based decision-making has been widely acknowledged and adopted at the regional and national levels worldwide. In the Pacific, there is a growing pool of data banks that are being used by Pacific governments to…

Remarks by the Pacific Community’s Education Quality and Assessment Programme Director, Dr Michelle Belisle at International Day of Education 2023 celebrations


International Day of Education (2023)

Education is the Answer!

People and their environment are at the heart of development planning, implementation, decisions, monitoring and reporting carried out in the Pacific. The Pacific Community (SPC) ensures that sustainable development strategies are implemented by the…

“Micro-qualifications will help us in our efforts” – New regional qualifications strengthen the Pacific’s food systems

Strengthening the Pacific’s sports industry through the endorsement of micro-qualifications

Three new micro-qualifications in sports education were endorsed by the region’s industry stakeholders, in October, with the aim to assist and improve the Pacific’s sports industry, as well as deliver long-term economic advantages to the region in…

SPC's 2022 Highlights: SPC Talks Education

The Pacific Islands Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (PILNA) is a tool used to measure the literacy and numeracy skills of Year 4 and Year 6 students across the Pacific region.
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