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Exchange of maritime boundaries data to boost fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance in region

Photo Caption: Solomon Islands patrol boat (03) closely monitoring a Vietnamese vessel (blue boat) which was caught fishing illegally in the Solomon Island waters in 2018.

Assisting Yap State manage water supply through the current drought

SPC and water authority staff measuring water levels in a monitoring bore.

Safety and compliance training will help Tongan electrical contractors support post-COVID tourism recovery

TC Harold hit Tonga on 9th April with estimated damages of about USD111 million, coming largely from the tourism sector. Tonga remains COVID-19 free but the pandemic, combined with the disaster recovery efforts has taken its toll on the tourism industry.

Tropical Cyclone Harold provided invaluable data for future disaster response and planning

Good data is at the heart of planning for and responding to natural disasters in the Pacific. The region has invested heavily in tools to monitor changes in the environment, and be better prepared for the extreme conditions that can threaten Island…

Supporting a more integrated approach to disaster management in the Pacific

Women influencing healthy lifestyles while building climate resilience in the Marshall Islands

Tropical Cyclone Harold: Real-time Ocean Data Informs Preparedness and Response

TC Harold Real-time Ocean Data Informs Preparedness and Response When severe Tropical Cyclone Harold swept through four Pacific Island countries in early April, tide gauges and a wave buoys across the region recorded the event in real-time, providing…

Skilling Pacific communities for resilience

How do you upskill Pacific communities to take care of themselves during extreme weather events? And how do you get them to harness their traditional knowledge and skills in adapting to climate change?

Access to regular power improving health, education and community engagement in remote islands of Kiribati

Pacific countries consulted to help strengthen regional approaches to disaster management

Recent consultations on how to progress strengthened approaches to disaster management across the Pacific region were recently held in Suva, Fiji.
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