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Wave movements under surveillance

This experimental device is located on the outer slope of the reef, south of Toombo Reef, near the Boulari Pass, south of the Lighthouse. The device consists of a yellow houlographic buoy 40 cm in diameter, as well as 2 orange floats. As part of the "…

2020 Tide Prediction Calendars Released

More than 1,900 Tide Prediction Calendars for 23 Pacific locations were distributed this week to National Meteorological Service offices and other coastal users around the region. These annual calendars are a popular product of the Australian-funded…

The economic & humanitarian catastrophe threatening Pacific island communities

This story originally appeared on the Inter Press Service website, it has been republished here with permission.    The Economic & Humanitarian Catastrophe Threatening Pacific Island Communities By Thalif Deen | 

Dr Colin Tukuitonga on Climate Change

The Director-General of the Pacific Community discusses the impacts of climate change in the region, and the action that must be undertaken to help vulnerable island countries adapt.

PW Podcast S02-05: From Decca to London

New water and electricity supply schemes have been officially opened on Kiritimati Island, providing greener energy sources and improving access to clean drinking water for the local hospital and more than 400 households in the communities of Tennessee…

The Pacific Community and Climate Change

PW Podcast S02-04: Pacific Surveying

Understanding where we are and where things are in relation to us has always been important.  Anyone who has ever used a smartphone app to locate themselves or search for driving directions can appreciate how widespread this technology has become, to the…


At the Moana Blue Pavilion – COP25 in Madrid Thursday 5 December 2019 11h15-12h15

Special Report on Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC): A Pacific perspective - A Pacific Community Side Event at COP25

Thursday 5 December 2019 10:00 – 11:00 Moana Blue Pacific Pavilion The IPCC approved and accepted Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC) at its 51st Session held on 20 – 23 September 2019.

Pacific Ports 2030-2050 - A Pacific Community Side Event at COP 25

​Developing and implementing a regional vision and approach towards Resilient, Green and Clean Ports in the Pacific islands region. Theme: Sustainable use of the ocean.
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