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Gender inclusion and Pacific values affirmed in new organic agriculture strategy launch

Gender inclusion and Pacific values affirmed in new organic agriculture strategy launch 23 November 2020 –

Safeguarding Pacific agriculture with science

New plant health laboratory launched to boost Pacific food security

Launch of the SPC Plant Health Laboratory

​Location: SPC Narere Campus, Suva, Fiji

From the ground up – soil science improves Pacific diets

Empowering Women in Organic Value Chains

As COVID-19 shapes and re-shapes the “new normal” in the Pacific, organic food and products will be a key to community adaptation and resiliency in the region’s economies and livelihoods, with the opportunity to advance a more inclusive gender and people…

Armyworm infestation breaches the Pacific

​The recent spread of Spodoptera frugiperda, or Fall Armyworm (FAW), in Papua New Guinea’s Western Province is causing concern in the Pacific region.  Fall armyworm is a pest that preys on food crops such as maize (corn), sweet potato, vegetables, and…

Avian Influenza outbreak in Australia puts Pacific Islands on high alert

An outbreak of the Avian Influenza (AI) affecting several poultry farms has been reported in the Australian state of Victoria. The highly pathogenic Avian influenza, otherwise known as ‘AI’, is a serious poultry disease that can cause high mortality in…

New projects to strengthen food security, access to clean drinking water & provide renewable energy access for Pacific people

The European Union (EU) and the Pacific Community (SPC) have today launched three new projects that will help address the social and economic impacts of COVID-19, whilst supporting longer-term economic recovery and health benefits for the Pacific region.

New COVID-19 response will increase biosecurity and upgrade sustainable food production in the Pacific

COVID-19 has had a far-reaching effect on Pacific nations. In the space of seven months, the evaporation of vital tourism earnings and remittances, as well as the disruption to international trade and the food supply, has had repercussions on food…
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