Young people’s right be heard, our responsibility to listen

Young people’s right be heard, our responsibility to listen

Building Resilience in Pacific Education

 This story originally appeared on the Inter Press Service website, it has been republished here with permission.   

Pacific response to COVID-19 is demonstrating power of regionalism

Health supplies being loaded for PNG as part of the PHP-C The Pacific Heads of Health recently held a virtual meeting under the shadow of COVID-19. The tone was understandably sombre and serious. The crisis being faced across the globe has certainly not…

Charming coconut report among new publications

The Publishing Team has released the latest publications for May – June 2020. Among this diverse range is a beautifully designed report from PROTEGE in French, which highlights initiatives that came out of the Regional Coconut Sector Workshop, held in…

A one-stop source for information on disasters and other external shocks in the Pacific region

The Pacific Data Hub (PDH), an initiative of the Pacific Community (SPC), is a response to the lack of reliable, timely and easily accessible data in the Pacific region, which is particularly challenging in times of crisis and natural disasters. The PDH…

Fueling Pacific Economic Engine with Open Data in Times of COVID-19

The value of open data, in particular, geospatial data and earth observation data for economic growth optimization, is a topic I have been working on throughout my career; for example, the Digital Earth Africa project or Digital Earth Australia are two…

Highlights from our Women in Agriculture Campaign

The two-week Women in Agriculture Campaign concludes today with an awards ceremony recognising the hard work of Women who have contributed more than 15 years of service towards the Pacific Community’s (SPC) Land Resources Division (LRD). Collectively,…

Lack of recognition for women’s contribution to agriculture

Photo Credit: CARE Vanuatu

Pacific women must have a voice in shaping the future of the regions agriculture sector

For many generations, both in the Pacific region and across the world, women have been positively influencing their families and communities. Often, they have the primary family responsibility for ensuring food security, and as a group, are an essential…

Q&A with the Gender and Value Chains Advisor for Pacific Organic & Ethical Trade Community (POETCom), Flavia Ciribello

Women contribute significantly to their nation’s economies. In the Pacific, this overarches the formal, informal, subsistence and domestic labour activities; yet economically, their contribution often remains invisible or overlooked.
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