Improving communities from Ridge to Reef

The land in Pacific Island nations is inexorably connected to the sea.  As small parcels of terrain in the world’s largest ocean, these nations must depend on this connection to ensure their development is both holistic and resilient.  One project that…

Overcoming drought together on World Drought Day

Do you know that our ecosystems are connected? Have you ever taken the time to learn that our soil ecosystems, water ecosystems, forest ecosystems and marine ecosystems are all linked? Do you ever wonder that if you exploit one of the ecosystems it will…

Stat of the week: Papua New Guinea produced nearly 46,000 tonnes of cocoa beans in 2019

Did you know that PNG was the 12th largest producer of cocoa beans in 2019, producing nearly 46,000 tonnes?  

New agreement set to boost Pacific’s livestock and animal health production system

 In the bid to boost the region’s  animal health and livestock production systems, the Pacific Community (Land Resources Division (LRD) have signed a four-year partnership agreement with the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment…

Strengthening food security through preserving crops and trees for the next 75 years

SPC’s Land Resources Division (LRD) is persistently looking towards the future to ensure Pacific peoples natural and agricultural heritage is preserved. 

Stat of the week: Agricultural land in Marshall Islands makes up an estimated 47.8% of the total land area

Did you know that agricultural land in Marshall Islands makes up an estimated 47.8% of the total land area?  

Fiji to pilot new seed system model

Fiji has been selected to pilot a proposed seed system model following an intensive discussion among stakeholders at the Pacific Seeds for Life (PS4L) Fiji Seed Forum in Nadi this week. PS4L is a New Zealand funded programme implemented by the Pacific…

Risks and solutions for the Pacific ‘Tree of Life’ detailed in newly released manual

The coconut is invaluable symbol of the Pacific with immense value, both culturally and economically. Coconuts have huge potential to support sustainable and healthy rural livelihoods, driving employment, income generation and economic growth for…

Fiji farmers train in soil management for food, ecosystems, and climate change

Farmers on Fiji’s Taveuni island are set to broaden and deepen their soil knowledge and skills to contribute to long-running regional efforts to support food production, healthy ecosystems, and climate change mitigation.

Soil Management Training for farmers and agriculture extension officers

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