Using ecosystem-service-providing plants to reintroduce biodiversity in agricultural plots

(content available in French only) La Polynésie française expérimente l’utilisation des plantes de service pour mieux gérer les bio-agresseurs tout en limitant l'usage d'engrais, de désherbants ou d'insecticides.

Research for alternatives to chemical herbicides for pineapple production in French Polynesia

(available in French only) L'ananas est la principale production fruitière de la Polynésie française. 3400 tonnes ont été commercialisées en 2019 et 140 ha d'ananas sont plantés sur Moorea. L'enherbement est l'une des principales contraintes techniques…

Launch of the guide to organic cattle farming in New Caledonia

Green News: The role of ecosystem-service-providing plants in agricultural plots

Green News Series: Ecosystem-service-providing plants The ecosystem-service-providing plants in agricultural plots:

Launch of the SPC Plant Health Laboratory

​Location: SPC Narere Campus, Suva, Fiji

COVID-19 disruption provides incentive to increase organics

Organic farmers and agricultural product producers in the Pacific are calling for an increase in consumption of local, sustainably grown healthy food, as well as greater use of technology and online platforms for growing, selling and buying produce as a…

PROTEGE: A network of agroecology demonstration farms in the Pacific OCTs

The EDF-11-funded PROTEGE project has not escaped the health crisis. Regional activities have been particularly hard hit by border closings and the implementation of PROTEGE activities has been significantly delayed by COVID-19.

Q&A with the Gender and Value Chains Advisor for Pacific Organic & Ethical Trade Community (POETCom), Flavia Ciribello

Women contribute significantly to their nation’s economies. In the Pacific, this overarches the formal, informal, subsistence and domestic labour activities; yet economically, their contribution often remains invisible or overlooked.

Lack of recognition for women’s contribution to agriculture

Photo Credit: CARE Vanuatu

Pacific women must have a voice in shaping the future of the regions agriculture sector

For many generations, both in the Pacific region and across the world, women have been positively influencing their families and communities. Often, they have the primary family responsibility for ensuring food security, and as a group, are an essential…
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