Pacific Ecological Security Conference 2022

The inaugural Pacific Ecological Security Conference on regional biosecurity will bring together national leaders from across the region, development partners, regional organisations, agricultural/food security and natural resource managers, and the…

Improving the identification of shark and ray species encountered in the WCPO

2019 delivers milestone graduation for Pacific environmentalists

Over 30 Pacific Island environmental practitioners and government officials from 14 countries received post graduate certificates in Ridge to Reef Sustainable Development from James Cook University ahead of their formal graduation in Townsville,…

GEF Pacific Ridge to Reef Programme Post Graduate Certificate Attendance Ceremony

​GEF Pacific Ridge to Reef Programme in partnership with James Cook University Post Graduate Certificate in Ridge to Reef Sustainable Development Attendance Ceremony on the 31st July at 3.30pm in Tanoa International, Nadi, Fiji.​  

RESCCUE Project - Greening taxes and subsidies in Pacific Islands Countries and Territories

Making taxes and subsidies more sustainable is one of the challenges that the RESCCUE Project tackled as part of it support for the development of innovative economic and financial solutions.

RESCCUE PROJECT - Land Transactions

Land acquisition and easements for conservation made easy How to use land acquisition and easements for conservation in Pacific Island Countries and Territories? RESCCUE investigated the best options!

RESCCUE Project - The Mitigation Hierarchy

Strenghthening the mitigation hierarchy implementation in Pacific Island Countries and Territories.

RESCCUE Project - Regional Documentary

RESCCUE project in the Southern Province of New Caledonia

Discover an overview of RESCCUE Project activities in the Southern Province of New Caledonia.

RESCCUE activity in French Polynesia: the protection of marine birds in the Gambier islands

#RESCCUE Project in a nutshell (3/13) Our last stopover in French Polynesia is taking us to discover the seabirds of the Gambier.
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