RESCCUE Project in Vanuatu - Theme 3: Waste Management

In New Caledonia, when the house is on fire, traditional leaders can help

Seven hundred years. That’s the time the Mont-Dore forest in New Caledonia will need to regenerate, after a bush fire destroyed most of it last year.

The Pacific Community supports the implemenation of mitigation hierarchy in New Caledonia

In partnership with New Caledonia's three Provinces, the Pacific Community published an operational guide to streamline project environmental impact assessment and the implementation of measures to avoid, minimise and – as a last resort – to offset the…

RESCCUE Project in Vanuatu - Plastic Bags

RESCCUE Project in Vanuatu - Water Management

RESCCUE Project in Vanuatu - Water Shortage

RESCCUE Project in Vanuatu - Healthy Reef

The Vanuatu RESCCUE project has provided the Youth of North Efate communities with a smartphone to explain how to protect the environment and act to fight climate change.

RESCCUE Project - The first SPC carbon neutral project

RESCCUE is becoming the first SPC carbon neutral project, look at the video to have more information.
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