Pacific countries strengthen border monitoring in response to African Swine Fever threat

31 March 2020  Papua New Guinea recently announced that its multi-million pork industry is now under threat after African Swine Fever (ASF) was discovered in Mendi, in the Southern Highlands Province. It is believed that the disease was transported…

Keeping watch on the ring of fire: PW Podcast S02-09

Papua New Guinea sits on the 'ring of fire' and has a history of volcanic activity. A volcanic eruption can be devastating to local communities, so the government is working with SPC's Building Safety and Resilience in the Pacific (BSRP) to increase the…

Rachael Luru, balancing being an at-sea observer and a mum

How do you manage when you are a young mother and your job requires you to spend several weeks in a row at sea, on fishing boats, in order to collect crucial data for the conservation of the fishery resources of your country?

Agreement with Green Climate Fund unlocks new opportunities for climate action in the Pacific

The Pacific Community (SPC) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF) signed an Accreditation Master Agreement today, to further expand their partnership in favour of mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the Pacific.

Help us to find out how tuna age and how fast they grow and win USD 100!

An albacore tuna is injected with strontium chloride, and will be tagged with a white mark. (image: Ashley Williams)

Gender, human rights and sustainable resource management important aspects of significant Pacific-EU Marine Partnership Programme

(Photo Credit: Francisco Blaha, Marshall Islands)

PFTAC 2019 Steering Committee Meeting

Papua New Guinea and Pacific Community Signs Three-Year National Development Cooperation Agreement

At a small ceremony in Port Moresby today, representatives from the government of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Community (SPC) signed a cooperation agreement to support development priorities of the SPC’s largest island nation over the next three…

Government of PNG and Development Partner High Level Forum

Annual PNG government planning forum with development partners

Regional Training for Implementation of the Casualty Investigation Code

Opening: Thierry Nervale- Deputy Director Oceans and Maritime Media photo op:  10am 
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