10th Pacific Islands Conference: Nature Conservation and Protected Area

UPDATE RELATING TO POSTPONED EVENT DUE TO CORONA VIRUS: SPREP, PIRT and New Caledonia, event organizers for the 10th Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas, are excited to advise that the conference is going virtual during…

Visit in New Caledonia of Mr. Sujiro Seam, Ambassador of the European Union for the Pacific

As part of his first formal visit to New Caledonia, Mr. Sujiro SEAM, Ambassador of the  European Union for the Pacific, met the main stakeholders of the territory. He notably visited some of the projects funded by the European Development Fund (EDF),…

Pacific Statistics Methods Board (PSMB) Meeting - Oct 2019

The fourth meeting of the Pacific Statistics Methods Board (PSMB) will occur from 28 to 29 November, 2019, at the Pacific Community (SPC) in Noumea, New Caledonia. The meeting will cover the following topics:

Successful end to #UnitedagainstNCDs training programme

SPC recently completed a training programme designed to build capacity of health professionals from the French-speaking Pacific Island countries and territories (New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, French Polynesia and Vanuatu). The programme consisted of…

RESCCUE activity in New Caledonia: Protected Areas Network

RESCCUE Project in a Nutshell In order to preserve the biodiversity of the Great South, RESCCUE helped developing the network of protected areas.

RESCCUE activity in New Caledonia: Fire

RESCCUE Project in a Nutshell Now heading to New Caledonia, more precisely in the Great South where fire is one of the main threats to biodiversity and to people.

RESCCUE activity in New Caledonia: Ecological Restoration

RESCCUE Project in a Nutshell The environment of the Great South has been degraded by fire and mining. RESCCUE developed a restoration strategy for the degraded sites so as to increase consistency and efficiency of actions by the various stakeholders. 

Biodiversity in Oceania

La Plateforme intergouvernementale scientifique et politique sur la biodiversité et les services écosystémiques (IPBES) a été créée en 2012 et compte aujourd'hui 129 États membres. Sa 7ème conférence plénière s’est déroulée à Paris du 29 avril au 4 mai…

In New Caledonia, when the house is on fire, traditional leaders can help

Seven hundred years. That’s the time the Mont-Dore forest in New Caledonia will need to regenerate, after a bush fire destroyed most of it last year.

The Pacific Community supports the implemenation of mitigation hierarchy in New Caledonia

In partnership with New Caledonia's three Provinces, the Pacific Community published an operational guide to streamline project environmental impact assessment and the implementation of measures to avoid, minimise and – as a last resort – to offset the…
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