Echoes of Oceania: The sound of successful community-based fisheries management resonates across the Pacific Islands

A new platform to support community-based fisheries management practitioners in the Pacific Islands has been launched ( It aims to enhance the resilience of coastal fisheries by creating a space for effective knowledge sharing and…

To’oto’otumua Glory Fuimaono: The Lawyer Championing Samoa's Coastal Fisheries with Heart and Dedication

When speaking to Glory Fuimaono, the first thing that strikes you is her calm demeanour and quiet confidence; she radiates an air of trust and integrity. Glory, a Samoan woman, has risen through the ranks to become one of the most critical figures at the…

[Virtual] Training on Fisheries Management for Kiribati & Nauru

​This is a virtual training workshop with Fisheries officers from Kiribati and Nauru. The training is 2 hours every morning for 5 days. 
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