Nature-based Solutions: what are the Pacific nations needs ? A new report is available

In a world grappling with escalating climate impacts, the Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) embody both vulnerability and community resilience. As part of the Kiwa Initiative, PICTs had the opportunity to voice their key challenges and…

Launch of Organic Learning Farm Centre boost agroecological approaches in Nauru's agriculture sector

  Max Dowedia, farmer at the Nauru Organic Learning Farm Centre

Kiwa initiative opens new call for local projects in the Pacific region

Revolutionising agriculture in Solomon Islands: Zai Na Tina and Gwa’ufaniu Organic Farm Learning Centres launched

SPC's LRD and participant partners at the launch in Kastom Garden In a significant milestone for the development of sustainable agriculture in Solomon Islands, two organic farms were launched as organic learning farm centres yesterday at the Kastom…

Advancing knowledge in field epidemiology to strengthen health interventions and security in the Pacific

Tonga embarks on revolutionary agricultural path through Organic Learning Farms launch

In a significant step towards sustainable agricultural practices and fostering a healthier lifestyle, Tonga has announced the successful launch of two Organic Learning Farms.

Farm evaluation the Agroecological way: Organic stakeholders receive training on tool that will build farm capacity and bolster climate resilience

TAPE training participants A leading-edge training held in Nadi, Fiji this week aims to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge on utilising the transformative Tool for Agroecological Performance Evaluation (TAPE) throughout Pacific island…

Pacific organic farmers meet to break down gender barriers

A meeting in Nadi, Fiji this week has brought together organic farmers from across the Pacific to identify gender barriers within organic agriculture and find solutions to best address them.

Charting a course to Health Leadership

A Kiwa Initiative side event on “Integrating Conservation and Human Rights”

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