Podcast via ABC Pacific Beat: Clean up in Vanuatu begins in the wake of category 4 Cyclone Judy

Listen to the podcast on TC Judy via ABC Pacific Beat. Vanuatu begins it's clean up following damaging winds and storm surges from Cyclone Judy.   

Ocean Science Fact: Tropical Cyclones in Tonga

Tropical cyclone in Tonga: El Nino Southern Oscillation hasn’t had a significant impact on the intensity and frequency of the tropical cyclones in this region, but it has modified the location of the genesis of TCs. Tonga was the spot of the genesis…

Cyclone Harold data will help villages better prepare for next storm

Tropical Cyclone Harold hit island communities in Fiji in April 2020 leaving behind a wake of destruction. The wind, associated rain and wave swells caused coastal erosion, landslides and damage to village homes and community centres.

COVID-19 and Tropical Cyclone Harold bring new challenges and new ways of working in Vanuatu

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many significant challenges in the lives of those around the globe and affected the way we live and go about our daily lives and work. For those living in the Pacific region, the case is no different. Re-…

Tropical Cyclone Harold provided invaluable data for future disaster response and planning

Good data is at the heart of planning for and responding to natural disasters in the Pacific. The region has invested heavily in tools to monitor changes in the environment, and be better prepared for the extreme conditions that can threaten Island…

Cyclone Harold : des données océaniques en temps réel à l’appui de la préparation et de la réponse aux catastrophes

(Article disponible en anglais uniquement) When severe Tropical Cyclone Harold swept through four Pacific Island countries in early April, tide gauges and a wave buoys across the region recorded the event in real-time, providing critical information in…

Cyclones and coronavirus: Pacific Island nations face a ‘double-whammy’ catastrophe

This story originally appeared on The Telegraph website. It has been reprinted here in part with permission.    Cyclones and coronavirus: Pacific Island nations face a ‘double-whammy’ catastrophe Struggling through the aftermath of a…

Tracking ‘moody’ Mona

Fiji Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama queries some details regarding TC Mona’s track.   Always be ready for the worst and hope for the best   By ILAITIA TURAGABECI AS Tropical Cyclone Mona roared across the islands, a group of men sat…

Cyclone Winston Lessons Learned to help disaster resilience

Understanding the biggest lessons learned in preparing for, responding to and recovering from Tropical Cyclone Winston that decimated parts of the country in February this year will be the focus of a workshop to be held in Suva from tomorrow.

Cyclone devastation calls for extraordinary partnerships

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