Pacific Data Hub to host ten years of valuable Pacific Women learnings

Photo: Smiling women, Port Vila, Vanuatu (credit: Graham Crumb/   What happens to the data, insights and learnings generated from a long running development programme when it closes? The unfortunate reality is many times they are lost. When…

New handbook applies Gender and Social Inclusion (GSI) lens to Pacific’s Fisheries Sector

The Second Edition of the Pacific Handbook for gender equity and social inclusion in coastal fisheries and aquaculture was launched this week with the aim to bridge the gender gaps and overcome existing exclusions of marginalised groups that lie within…

Ministers for Women Meeting

Palau upholds gender equality, social inclusion in disaster risk management

Breaking barriers for LGBTQI human rights

Caption: Gillio aka Gigi Baxter. Photo: Nicky Kuautonga via

Meet Elisiva Na’ati – Non- Communicable Disease Adviser, Public Health Division - SPC

Working with people living with diabetes and having worked with them to change their diet and to see their joy in their achievements and improvement in their diabetes control, is always rewarding!

Launch of Gender Equality Strategy and Learning Pathways set to strengthen women’s representation in Pacific disaster response

When it comes to domestic and gender-based violence talk is not enough

When we say that we are shocked and alarmed about women and girls being abused, attacked or even killed, by their husbands and partners, what do our words achieve? The sad answer is that words alone are not enough to bring an end to domestic and gender-…

Latest publications from the Pacific Community (SPC)

The latest publications list includes several from the Fisheries, Aquaculture & Marine Ecosystems (FAME) Division, including Shark and ray identification manual and two reviews of the fisheries, management and trade of Aquarium products in the…

Bridging fishers’ and Western scientific knowledges to farm sea cucumbers in a community setting in Palau

Photo © George Stoyle - A fisherwoman gleaning sea cucumbers in the seagrass beds adjacent to the farm By Caroline Ferguson1, Ann Singeo and Alex Ferrier-Loh Caroline Ferguson is a PhD candidate in the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and…
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