Stat of the week: In Kiribati, 1 in 4 ever-partnered women (15-49) was subjected to violence by a current or former intimate partner

In Kiribati, 1 in 4 ever-partnered women (15-49) was subjected to violence by a current or former intimate partner in the previous 12 months (2018).

Challenging the Patriarchy: it’s not only a “women’s” issue

Civil society’s important role in the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women reporting process in Kiribati

Participants who took part in the CEDAW consultation in Kiribati. Credit: KWCSC

Embedding a gender lens to empower women across the Pacific

The month of March is globally utilised to raise awareness on issues affecting women’s universal rights. As this month comes to an end, let us reflect on the journey women across the world have taken or are taking to achieve equal rights in our…

Phoebe’s passion for the empowerment of women and girls drives her work within the gender-space 

Small islands, Smart tech: Empowering women and girls in the digital age

International Women’s Day: Working together across all SPC programmes to improve gender equality

Photo: This International Women’s Day directors from several SPC divisions joined a Panel Discussion, as part of the ‘One-SPC Event for International Women’s Day’. Credit: SPC   On International Women’s Day we celebrate the achievements of women but we…

A changing Pacific landscape this International Women’s Day, by Miles Young, Director of the Pacific Community's (SPC) Human Rights and Social Development Division

Photo: Counsellors and caseworkers from women’s crisis centre in the Pacific travel to ensure access to their services. Pictured are counsellors from Chuuk Women’s Centre.  

Micronesian Leaders make gender equality a priority

The Micronesian region will be the first in the Pacific to develop a regional gender equality framework after the endorsement by Leaders at the 25th Micronesian Islands Forum (MIF) in Pohnpei. The recommendation was first proposed by the MIF Gender…

A mother’s dedication to education drives Uate to improve equality for women and young people

Hardships caused by inequality experienced by young people and by women motivate Uate Tamanikaiyaroi to ensure equal opportunities for all Pacific people. Uate continues explaining how his late mother carried the brunt of gender inequality from childhood…
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