Phoebe’s passion for the empowerment of women and girls drives her work within the gender-space 

Kiribati recruits first female Oceanographer at a National Meteorological Service in the Pacific

Minister reveals fully organic island plan at Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry farm tour

Empowering youth to champion healthy living and prevent Non-Communicable Diseases in the Pacific

Our youth are our future. We must ensure that they practice healthy lifestyle choices and behaviours, empowering them to become future champions and influencers of healthy living in our communities.

A series of Thematic Briefs to provide a broad overview of issues affecting women and girls in the Pacific

The series of Thematic Briefs provide a broad summary of information, analysis and key messages relating to topics which affect women and girls in the Pacific Islands.

Challenges to teacher wellbeing

This content was originally published on ACER website. Recent study reveals that teachers in the Pacific Islands are experiencing challenges to their mental health and wellbeing. It is increasingly understood that the mental health and wellbeing of…

The Pacific Community continues to deploy health experts to support Pacific Island Countries and Territories

Transforming Public Health in Vanuatu

Strengthening Health Interventions in the Pacific – Data for Decision-Making (SHIP-DDM) programme in Vanuatu.

Reshaping weather information for communities in Fiji

Translating science into clear and understandable information for communities is a global challenge but it’s one that Fiji’s Meteorological Service (FMS) has been driving a significant shift in over the past four years.

Equipping Pacific’s future leaders by prioritizing education today!

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