International Day of Epidemic Preparedness- Strengthening capacity in the Pacific region

The World Health Organisation declared International Day of Epidemic Preparedness in 2020 to create awareness around the importance of the prevention, preparedness, and partnership against epidemics especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Equipping schools to nurture socially responsible citizens

Imagine a violence-free Pacific where people live freely, happily, and in harmony without fear of violence/abuse (in all its forms), learning from, sharing with, and caring for one another, working towards one common goal of developing a progressive…

Ellen, a soil scientist at SPC: “There is a bigger role for Pacific women to play in the scientific world”

“Honestly, I can't get enough of it. Everyone else goes and sleeps in their bunks and I sleep out on the fish box. It's my favorite place.“

"I grew up surrounded by flowers and crops. Now I run the largest plant gene bank in the Pacific"

Gina Jones- From water child to disaster response specialist

Gina Jones working alongside her colleague in the PIEMA Project office at SPC, Fiji.

Saving Our Bacon: The Pacific Way Podcast- S03-E08

Traditional and cultural ceremonies in the Pacific would not be complete without a feast, which almost always includes pork and pork products. It is difficult to imagine a function without it. However, the Pacific pig industry is now under threat and an…

Pacific Data Hub to host ten years of valuable Pacific Women learnings

Photo: Smiling women, Port Vila, Vanuatu (credit: Graham Crumb/   What happens to the data, insights and learnings generated from a long running development programme when it closes? The unfortunate reality is many times they are lost. When…

Spotlight on the Kiwa Initiative during the EU-Indo-Pacific High-Level Conference on Climate Change


New agreement puts spotlight on managing deadly mosquito born viral disease epidemics in the Pacific

Disease epidemics from viruses spread by mosquitoes are happening more often across the Pacific region with 96 outbreaks (69 dengue outbreaks, 12 Zika virus and 15 Chikungunya) reported between January 2012 and May 2021.  In response to this challenge, a…
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