Stat of the week: There is 7.3 grams of dietary fibre in 100g of coconut flesh

In 100g of coconut flesh (Cocos nucifera) there is 7.3 grams of dietary fibre. The @WHO recommends adults consume 25-30g of fibre per day.

Pacific’s Tree of Life faces growing pest threat

In the Pacific, coconut is king. It charms visitors to our shores, as well as commands the respect of Pacific Islanders that depend on it for their livelihood. Known regionally as the ‘tree of life’, every part is used, from its tallest frond down to its…

Protecting the diversity of coconuts in the Pacific islands

Researchers in the Pacific recently travelled to a remote island in Fiji to collect endangered coconut specimens as part of an ACIAR-supported project ­­­to conserve the plant’s genetic diversity. Coconut palms, commonly referred to as the ‘Tree of Life…

Thousands of trap lures deployed in new push to contain Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle infestation

Up to 5,500 trap lures have been distributed to Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands in a bid to contain the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB) infestation.

PROTEGE: Regional Coconut Sector Workshop in French Polynesia

Coconut trees have the potential to provide sustainable incomes for rural communities on many Pacific islands where formal employment is rare and there are no other types of market production and could also serve as a core driver of the region’s economic…

Coconuts for Livelihoods Project

A new initiative to strengthen the conservation and utilization of coconut diversity and to support the rejuvenation of coconut-based livelihoods in the Pacific Islands was launched by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR…

Coconut Risk Management and Mitigation Training: A Bid to Protect Pacific Island Economies

Twenty-seven diverse experts and stakeholders from the coconut industry refined and finalised the “Coconut Risk Management and Mitigation Manual for the Pacific Region” in a 4-day regional Pacific training, this week in Nadi.

Pest and Disease Management on Coconut Plantations

Coconut workshop on selection of seeds and planting techniques to improve options for farming households in the Pacific

Peter Kjaer, farmer from Taveuni discusses a point with Vijendra Kumar, Ministry of Agriculture Fiji, while Victor Mataora from Cook Islands looks on.   Aiming to improve the Pacific coconut sector’s competitiveness and sustainability, the Coconut…

Vanuatu RESCCUE - Coconut trees

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