Meet Priteshna Kumar: Women in Science Week

11 February is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Over the next two weeks we are highlighting some of the inspiring women scientists working in the Pacific Community. 

Meet Priteshna Kumar, SPC Laboratory Technician (CePaCT) – World Centre for Taro


Describe your work?

My work as a Laboratory technician has always been challenging and you can say exciting too, as I am allocated to look after different varieties of crops. I mainly do subculturing and monitoring of crops. I usually do researches for crop improvement, initiation of new accessions that is from the field to tissue culture which is very interesting you can say. Iam also involved in office work, which includes updating chemical and updating e-copy of expenses and expenditure.

Why did you decide to work in the science field?

For me, at a very young age, I always wanted to become a scientist and biology has always been a favourite subject for me until now. Currently I was nominated as a Young Junior Scientists to Award Fellowship Program, which will enable me to gain more knowledge and experience in my science career.

What impact does your work have on the Pacific region?

Mainly my work consists of conserving and distributing of crops to Pacific Island Countries, which helps to safeguard food and nutritional security. It will help the region to alleviate poverty to any climate condition.

Advice to other young women or girls on getting involved in STEM?

My advice to young women and girls out there is to choose the path that is challenging, or you will get bored. There is so many exciting opportunities out there so find the courage to try the hard stuff because you will be amazed where it can take you. There are more options in biology than a medical doctor or professor! Do not get neglected if you are the only woman there, more women out there will follow you.

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