PCREEE strengthens partnership with Tuvalu

In a move to accelerate its delivery on the ground in member countries, the Pacific Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (PCREEE) recently completed a three-day mission to Tuvalu, where it met with key stakeholders to discuss ways to strengthen its partnership with the country. During the mission, PCREEE met with key stakeholders, including the Tuvalu Department of Energy and Tuvalu Electricity Corporation (TEC), to discuss current and planned energy projects. The meetings also served to identify areas where PCREEE can provide support to Tuvalu.

A site visit was hosted by TEC to some of its advanced renewable energy technologies, such as solar rooftop systems, Demand Response Management System (DRMS), and Off-grid solar powered Capacitive Deionisation (CDI). The mission also provided an opportunity to observe the performance of the e-bikes pilot project and how it is managed and operated.

Mr. Sosefo with the General Manager of Tuvalu Electricity Coorporation - Mr. Mafalu Lotolua

Upon completion of the mission, three key areas of support were identified:

  1. Conduct a refresher training on the operationalization of MEPSL legislations to Energy and Custom Officials as well as appliances importers (suppliers).
  2. Conduct a national stakeholders’ workshop on Sustainable Business Start-up and Entrepreneurship, as well as basic training on installation and maintenance of mini grid/solar roof top systems.
  3. Support the TEC e-bike pilot project through the establishment of a battery swapping business model.

One of the TEC staffs with the DRMS installed at the Tuvalu main port

The PCREEE is committed to working with Tuvalu to achieve its sustainable energy goals. The identified areas of support will help Tuvalu to build its capacity in renewable energy, sustainable business, and e-mobility. The PCREEE is confident that these efforts will help Tuvalu to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and transition to a clean energy future.

The PCREEE is committed to supporting Tuvalu in its efforts to achieve its sustainable energy goals. The PCREEE is confident that its work in Tuvalu will help to make a positive contribution to the country's energy future.

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