Digital Earth Pacific – Building a Resilient Pacific through Systematic Satellite Observation

Dubai - United Arab Emirates
COP 28 side event - UAE

About the Side Event

The event is to showcase the current capabilities of Digital Earth Pacific as a digital public infrastructure to build a resilient Pacific region.

Given the vulnerability of Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs) to climate change, the Pacific region faces unique challenges in managing natural resources and biodiversity, securing economies and livelihoods, and ensuring sustainable food systems.

Digital Earth Pacific aims to build the capacity of the Pacific region through adoption and leveraging of the cloud-native geospatial technologies that foster research and systematic observation. Digital Earth Pacific, through demand driven and user-centric approaches, will deliver an operational earth and marine observation system that takes decades of satellite data and makes it easier to access and use, empowering knowledge creators and decision-makers across the Pacific.

This fundamental public digital infrastructure will ensure all PICTs have access to routinely acquired space data, tools, technologies, and capacity to systematically monitor challenges from climate change to support national, regional, and global commitments such as the 2050.

Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent, the Paris Agreement, and the Sustainable Development Goals. The Pacific Community works with stakeholders across the region to establish Digital Earth Pacific. This requires an emphasis on communications, outreach, and engagement, and creating strong, multi-stakeholder partnerships where finance, data, technology, and expertise can be leveraged and scaled to deliver the outcomes of the programme/

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Side Event Programme


Overview (speakers have 5-8 minutes each)

  1. Welcome by Moderator - Karena Lyons, Director Partnerships, Integration and Resource Mobilisation, Pacific Community (SPC).
  2. Play of introductory video of Digital Earth Pacific
  3. Remarks: SPC Delivering DEP for the Pacific: Exsley Taloiburi, Deputy Director, Disaster and Community Resilience Program, SPC
  4. Remarks: Impact and role of youth in digital technologies, such as DE Pacific: Naomi Maheu, Asia Desk Officer, Department of Foreign Affairs, Tuvalu
  5. Remarks: Pacific Geoportal and Integration of DE Pacific, Richard Budden, Regional Director, ESRI
  6. Interactive / Demonstration Session: Lisa Kingsberry, Director Communications, SPC


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Digital Earth Pacific