Training workshop for External Evaluators

Coral Coast, Fiji

QUALITY assurance of higher education in the Pacific is a critical part of the process to deliver quality education. This assurance process must be meticulously attended to for any accreditation application of higher education, whether it be for the accreditation of institutions, qualifications or micro-qualifications.  Such quality assurance work is conducted by national quality assurance agencies and the Pacific Community's Educational Quality and Assessment Programme (EQAP). The quality assurance officers at these agencies are specialists in education. As such, applications that are related to other fields of study require the assistance of external evaluators. These evaluators are experts in their respective fields and are normally required to evaluate applications and prepare an evaluation report. This week, a group of external evaluators will undergo training organised by EQAP in Sigatoka. The training aims to help the evaluators improve their understanding of their roles, prepare evaluation reports, and apply the Pacific Qualifications Framework and the Pacific Quality Assurance Framework.    ​​

Joint Event