COVID-19 testing capability in Kiribati enhanced with refurbished laboratory

A refurbished container laboratory was officially opened last week by Kiribati’s Ministry of Health and Medical Services. The laboratory will enhance the nation’s in-country COVID-19  testing capacity. During the last year Kiribati had been relying on…

Pacific islands making the move to electronic data collection

Photo credit: Unsplash, Adli Wahid This story was originally published on Data for change website.

Fisheries Story: Dynamics of a South Tarawa Atoll fisher group, Kiribati

Photo credit: SPC/Jeff Kinch While South Tarawa (Kiribati) is facing multiple threats at the same time, it is important for local fishers to understand the main fish species targeted, including the how, when and why as this can help fishers to ensure…

Pacific Education: Outsourcing the development of examination papers

For many Pacific island countries, the development of examination papers for its high-stakes national examinations is usually outsourced by their education ministries to subject experts in their tertiary institutions. Last year proved a challenge as…

Kaobari Matikarai

National Consultation on the aquaculture regulations

Green News: Rising sea level threatens atoll nations

For atoll nations, where people live on land that rises to an average of 2 meters above sea level, a rising ocean threatens their very existence. More ambitious action is needed to prevent them from becoming uninhabitable, and preserve plant and animal…

Nature-based solutions for climate resilience and biodiversity conservation in the Pacific

Nature-based solutions for climate resilience and biodiversity conservation in the Pacific  

Kiribati Independence Day

Pacific Islanders enrolled in postgraduate certificate for radiology

A group of 22 radiologists from 7 Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) are undertaking a Postgraduate Certificate in Radiology Fundamentals, in another step to broaden the region’s medical expertise. The Pacific Community (SPC) with funding…
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