Kiribati Communities Reap Benefits of improved Water and Sanitation infrastructure

KIRIWATSAN Phase 2 - Kiribati Water and Sanitation in the Outer Islands A partnership funded by the European Union Over 9,000 people in 35 villages across the 16 outer islands of the Gilbert group in Kiribati now have improved access to water and…

Kiribati school leaders to lead action plans for safe and inclusive schools in Tarawa

Tarawa, Kiribati – More than 30 school leaders representing 16 schools from North and South Tarawa that completed a workshop on inclusive education

Atoll Adaptation Dialogue

One day scientific focused session on key areas relevant to countries and a determination of what the next steps are in terms of progressing the case of atoll nations at national, regional and international levels

Kiribati teachers and teacher assistants complete human rights training module

12 primary and secondary school teachers and 15 trainee teacher assistants can now model positive behaviour in the classroom as a result of a workshop on human rights and responsibilities, inclusivity and equity over the course of three days in Tarawa.

Changing Lives in the Atolls: PW Podcast S01-E04

On the atolls of Kiribati, finding and maintaining safe drinking water is an ongoing challenge. A growing population and the pressure of climate change are making this challenge even more difficult.   Listen to the full PW podcast. 

Pacific children key to championing human rights in the region

Pacific education officials and curriculum development officers from Kiribati, the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI), and Tuvalu met in Fiji this week (7 to 10 August) to progress plans to integrate human rights and responsibilities into primary and…

Kiribati investing in better data to help achieve its development goals

On 30 July 2018, the Republic of Kiribati launched a project to update data on households and institutions across the nation’s 23 inhabited islands. This data will been an invaluable tool for Kiribati’s development planning, ensuring that resources are…

Zoom - Protecting South Tarawa’s beaches from erosion

Kiribati’s sandy beaches are a key defence against strong tides, currents and waves. For many years, those beaches have also provided sand and gravel for construction, leading to erosion along parts of the South Tarawa coastline. Working with European…

Kiribati MPs discuss human rights for development

Members of Parliament from all outer islands of Kiribati have participated in consultations this week about the nation’s human rights challenges, progress, achievements and plans. The Pacific Community (SPC), with support from the European Union and the…

Central Pacific maritime lifeline in focus

The reliability and affordability of vital shipping services for Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru and Tuvalu will be in focus at a forum that begins today in Suva, Fiji, hosted by the Pacific Community (SPC).
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