Why are some Pacific Lagoon corals resistant to climate change?

Abundant with diverse coral and fish species, the South-West Pacific reefs play a critical role in the marine ecosystems and economies of Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs). While there is no question that climate change is affecting coral…

Meet Toga Raikoti, Population Census & Survey Data Processing Specialist Programmer at SPC

Can you tell us about yourself and your work? My name is Toga Raikoti, I work for the SDD, in SPC, Noumea, as a population census and survey data processing specialist.

Remarks by SPC DG, Dr Stuart Minchin at the Opening of the Pacific Resilience Meeting’s Youth Forum

STATEMENT BY DR MINCHIN DELIVERED AT OPENING OF THE YOUTH FORUM PACIFIC RESILIENCE MEETING (VIRTUAL MEETING) 5 JULY 2021   Secretary General for the Pacific Islands Forum – Secretary General Henry Puna Youth Representative – Tokasa Seinibiau Government…

Healthy Tips: Challenge Yourself!

The Pacific region has very high rates NCDs, which are threatening the health and livelihoods of our communities. The good news is that diseases brought on by unhealthy lifestyles can be prevented through smart choices. To get you started, we’ve designed…

Gender and infant health handbooks among new releases

You are invited to check out the latest publications for January – April 2021 from the Publishing Team.

Healthy Tips: Mosquito borne diseases is a serious threat in the Pacific

Mosquito borne diseases is a serious threat in the Pacific. To keep you and your family safe, wear light-coloured, long-sleeved shirts and pants and use insect repellent such as DEET. At home, use window and door screens, use bed nets, and clean your…

Philippe Renault

Fisheries Story: The SPC Fisheries and Ecosystem Monitoring work

Let’s discover how the Pacific community uses cutting edge science to monitor the largest tuna fisheries worldwide (Western and central Pacific Ocean) and the ecosystem that supports these stocks.

Green News: Taro, cassava and sweet potato leaves can help prevent nutrition-related diseases

Did you know that taro, cassava and sweet potato leaves can help prevent nutrition-related diseases, preserve the environment in Pacific islands, and empower local farmers. In the Pacific, including a variety of nutritious edible leaves grown locally in…

Fisheries Story: A large-scale tuna sampling operation organised by SPC fisheries scientists

On Wednesday 2nd June 2021; a large-scale tuna sampling operation mobilised eight SPC fisheries science staff for an intense day cutting through 70 skipjack and yellowfin tuna from Papua New Guinea (PNG). In early April 2021, SPC staff gave detailed…
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