Fish and fisheries at the heart of the discussion for Pacific Islands’ online meeting

Behind the scenes How do you make a high-level meeting with more than 120 people from 20 Pacific countries and territories across ten different time zones lively and engaging? Well, there is no magic wand. There is a lot of preparation and, most…

Pacific Community’s Statistics for Development Division launches “QGIS for Census and Survey Mapping” manual

20th May 2020 The Pacific Community (SPC) has just published a manual to help National Statistics Offices and other government ministries undertaking censuses and surveys make optimal use of QGIS, an open-source and free geographic information system (…

Meet the Pacific Data Hub's team

Craig Parker, Director of Human Resources: we’ve learnt a great deal of resilience throughout the crisis.

What have been the challenges for the HR function at SPC with the Covid-19 crisis?

A conversation with Neville Smith, Director of the Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems (FAME) Division of SPC

How is the COVID-19 impacting climate action? A conversation with Sylvie Goyet, director of the Climate Change division of SPC.

Dr Stuart Minchin, SPC Director-General: With the crisis, we’re learning new ways of working

Dr Paula Vivili, Director of SPC’s Public Health division, discusses COVID-19 in the Pacific

Social and Environmental Responsibility Plan produced by the Territories for the Territories


Mangrove crab fishing in New Caledonia. (image: Matthieu Juncker)
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