Technical training with Palau supports ocean management through defined maritime zones

Palau officials, Mr David Idip and Mr Takamatsu Emesiochel of PALARIS with Malakai Vakautawale, Molly Powers-Tora, and Andrick Lal of SPC  

Biodiversity Rich-Palau Launches Ambitious Marine Spatial Planning Initiative

By Busani Bafana  BULAWAYO, Apr 28 2023 (IPS) - Growing up in Palau in the western Pacific Ocean, Surangel Whipps Jr. played on the reefs and spearfished on an island teeming with birds, giant clams, fish, and turtles. Today that has all changed as a…

Our Ocean Conference 2023: Palau leading the way for sustainable coastal and marine tourism

Our Ocean Conference 2023: Palau launches Marine Spatial Planning to guide sustainable management of exclusive economic zone

Stat of the week: 90% of Palau land's area is covered by forest

Did you know? 90% of Palau land's area is covered by forest (2020). The Pacific Region (excluding Australia and New Zealand) has the highest forest cover of any region in the world. It is crucial to protect these forests because we depend on them for our…

Palau women cultivate success from the taro patch to the policy table

Series of SPC stories for 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) 2022, demonstrating how science and technical support contributes to ending GBV.   SPC’s POETCom has worked with the Palau Organic Growers Association, Pacific Guarantee…

Pacific Ecological Security Conference 2022

The inaugural Pacific Ecological Security Conference on regional biosecurity will bring together national leaders from across the region, development partners, regional organisations, agricultural/food security and natural resource managers, and the…

Palau students address plastic pollution in the marine environment

Stat of the week: 106 is the ratio of girls to boys in secondary education in Palau in 2018

106 is the ratio of girls to boys (girls per 100 boys) in secondary education in Palau. (Gross enrolment rate, 2018) In 2017, it was 121. Gender parity in education helps to close skills gaps and contributes to economic prosperity. Are you interested in…

Stat of the week: Imports of fuel equivalent to 13% of Palau’s GDP

Palau's total fuel import (as a % of GDP). It's the highest share in the Pacific and means Palau has had to absorb the increased oil price since April 2020.
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