Technical training with Palau supports ocean management through defined maritime zones

Palau officials, Mr David Idip and Mr Takamatsu Emesiochel of PALARIS with Malakai Vakautawale, Molly Powers-Tora, and Andrick Lal of SPC  

Five days focussing on Education

A week-long focus on the educational challenges and advancements of the Pacific. As a region, the Pacific has been making strides in strengthening the quality of education with the vision to empower the Pacific people to live free, healthy and…

Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry: The Pacific kava sector anticipates export growth and eyes major global markets.

Nadi, Fiji – Pacific kava is in high demand, after the opening of Australian markets to commercial imports, raising hopes for increased interest across other global markets in Asia, North America, and the European Union.

Leading in sustainable agriculture policy development – POETCom Coordinator speaks on Organic Policy Toolkit progress

As organic agriculture grows rapidly across the region, Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community’s Organic Policy Toolkit has helped organic stakeholders engage in and lead positive policy developments that support small-holder organic farmers and…

Help keep the Pacific SAFE through participating in our online market certification survey

“The Pacific Community’s (SPC) Land Resources Division (LRD) would be grateful for your participation in the survey below. Your responses contribute to the effectiveness of the Safe Agricultural Trade Facilitation through Economic integration (SAFE…

Inaugural Pacific Disaster Ministers Meeting begins in Nadi

Pacific Ministers recognise the importance of strong consistent leadership and commitment to the resilience of the Blue Pacific at the Inaugural Pacific Disaster Risk Reduction Ministers Meeting today. Government ministers responsible for disaster risk…

SPC's 75th Anniversary: New Framework to build resilience to climate change and disasters in the Pacific Islands

The Pacific Community turned 75 on the 6th of February 2022. As we mark 75 years of the Pacific Community’s Service to the region, on the 6th of each month we will feature a key moment in history for the organization.  

Pacific Partnership launches paper on “What Works to End Violence against Women and Girls”

The Pacific Community’s (SPC)’s Social Citizenship Education (SCE) programme, as part of the Pacific Partnership to End Violence Against Women and Girls (Pacific Partnership), has today launched a paper on What Works to End Violence against Women and…

Pacific Islanders: Failure to Commit to 1.5 Degrees at COP27 will Imperil the World’s Oceans

Pacific Islanders: Failure to Commit to 1.5 Degrees at COP27 will Imperil the World’s Oceans by Catherine Wilson

Equipping schools to nurture socially responsible citizens

Imagine a violence-free Pacific where people live freely, happily, and in harmony without fear of violence/abuse (in all its forms), learning from, sharing with, and caring for one another, working towards one common goal of developing a progressive…
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