Tour the successful organic farm Mahuleva in Tonga on World “I Grow Your Food” Day

Organic farmer Tik Tani I Navuso Tuaimei’api has successfully provided a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables to the community from his organic farm, Mahuleva, in Anana, Tongatapu, Tonga. In this short tour of Mahuleva, Tuaimei’api explains what organic means to him and how Mahuleva contributes to nutritious and safer food choices for Tongans on World “I Grow Your Food” Day.

I Grow Your Food Day, held on September 14 2023, invites everyone into the food conversation through organic and agroecological farmers sharing their experiences first-hand and helping citizens make their voices heard on food and food systems. 

Join MrTuaimei’api as he reminds us in the video of the benefits of growing and creating value-added organic products for Pacific Island families.

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