14th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women and the 7th Women’s Ministerial Meeting


The 14th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women and the 7th Meeting of Pacific Ministers for Women will be held from 27-29 April and 4 May respectively.  Side-events will be convened prior and during the Triennial. 

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Applications close on 14 April 2021.

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Please note that dates for the Triennial Conference and side events are on Fiji time zone.



The 14th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women and the 7th Women’s Ministerial Meeting involves a series of meetings and consultations aimed at sustaining the momentum towards gender equality in the Pacific. It includes national multi-stakeholder consultations and one virtual, regional consultation with government line ministries, feminist and women’s rights organisations, faith leaders, media, private sector, and young women scheduled for April, 2021. Together, Pacific governments will agree on achievable targets and develop an action plan to progress gender equality in the region.

Hosted by French Polynesia, this year’s conference and ministers meeting will be delivered via a blended approach of in-person and virtual interaction given that travel restrictions are still being observed across the region due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding support for this event has been provided by the Governments of Australia and the Spotlight Initiative.


Act Now for Pacific Gender Equality amidst the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic
In 2020, the socio-economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated the challenges that women and girls face in the Pacific. However, the past year, also saw the reaffirmation of gender equality as inextricably linked to achieving sustainable development for all. The Triennial Conference will provide a platform for Pacific Women and leaders to be part of the solution to ensure a just and resilient recovery. It's time to act now for gender equality in the Pacific.

Progress on the Pacific Platform for Action
The Triennial Conference for Pacific Women plays a key role in linking to other intergovernmental fora due to its convening of national women’s machineries and women’s rights organisations and is an opportunity to reflect on the progress in the implementation of the revised Pacific Platform for Action (PPA) on Gender Equality and Women’s Human Rights.

Call for Proposals for Side Event

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Side Events Dashboard:

Note: For more information about the side events please contact Mereseini Senikau, E: [email protected]

Title: Panel and LAUNCH: Toksave- Pacific Gender Resource Join the Community

Toksave Launch Flyer-page-001.jpg
Organiser: (University of Auckland, University of the South Pacific, National University of Samoa, University of PNG, SPC, Australian National University)

Description: The Toksave Pacific Gender Resource aims to address gender inequality in the Pacific by ensuring quality Pacific research and knowledge is discoverable and accessible. This session will include a demonstration of the Toksave Pacific Gender Resource website and a panel discussion with eminent academics in the field of gender research. The panellists will provide a ‘herstory’ of the Toksave Pacific Gender Resource, from its early design stages up until its launch today. They will also discuss the role of quality research in addressing gender inequalities in the Pacific.








Title: Women of the land and the sea.

flyer_final-draft-page-001.jpgOrganiser: SPC, Loving Island, Rabi Organics, UN Women, WorldFish and WCS

Description: This side event will share best practices and lessons learnt about inclusive and sustainable value chains within the agriculture and fisheries sectors across the Pacific. Case studies will be shared to identify entry points to mainstream gender in value chain development and create an efficient and inclusive value chain interventions that support women’s economic empowerment within these sectors. Furthermore, this side event will create an opportunity to reflect on the need of applying a holistic approach to value chain development considering the environmental, economic, and social factors and the integration of land-based and marine activities within our island and atoll ecosystems.








Title: Curves and Violence: measuring the gender-based violence curve to flatten it.

Curves and Violence Triennial side-event flyer_Final-page-001.jpg Organiser: UNFPA, University of Melbourne and SPC

Description: This side event will highlight data trends on what we know about gender-based violence (GBV); Provide a space for National Statisticians and GBV Practitioners to share lessons learnt collecting, compiling, and using GBV data for advocacy, policy etc. It will provide an update on Admin and Survey GBV data (under the Spotlight Initiative) and provide examples of how Gender data statistics analysis is an essential component in developing knowledge products to underpin gender responsive policy making. The format for this side-event will include presentation, roundtable and discussions (big talk cooking fire storian)’.








Title: Intergenerational discussion: Pacific women in all their diversity working together for a just, sustainable future.

Flyer 14th Triennial.jpgOrganiser: DIVA for equality

Description: The session will provide a space for PICT Governments and civil society to discuss and review progress on gender inclusivity commitments through the Pacific Platform for Action for Gender Equality and Women’s Human Rights including the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (1995) over 26 years, and through 14 Triennial Conferences. This side event will take a catalytic approach with Triennial government and CSO delegates to speak both on advancements and obstacles in the inclusion of women in all their diversity, in Pacific policy and practice, and to identify key local, national, regional, and global strategies to advance intersectionality and diversity in human rights and development theory and practice.









Title: From participation to power: mapping economic pathways to women’s empowerment.

210414_Facebook tile 2-Triennial speakers_v1.jpgOrganiser: Pacific Women, Vanuatu Skills Partnership, CARE PNG

Description: This interactive and engaging session will focus on strategic and practical measures to enhance WEE in the Pacific region. It will showcase practical, successful approaches for truly empowering women economically, shared by Pacific practitioners and community implementers in Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. The gender-transformative approaches to WEE programming outlined in the session are models that are effective for replication and scale up. They can be used to inform national policy action and to improve practice and implementation.




Title: Time to care: Women’s and Girl’s Unpaid Care and Domestic work in the Pacific

oxfam flyer.jpgOrganiser: Shifting Power Shifting Voices (OXFAM)

Description: Shifting Power Shifting Voices will present and reflect upon the findings of the Rapid Care Analysis Report using localised and contextualised analysis, by providing evidence-based insights on how gendered patterns of unpaid work result in poor development outcomes for women, and how most public policies further cement inequalities; promote discussion about how recognized care work burden is impacting on Women’s Economic Empowerment, Gender Equality and sustainable development; and lastly provide a catalytic learning space and process for interested activists, advocates, policy developers and other feminists to work to continually build the personal and political, and make the case for societal and state change, urgently and over time. The session will also propose some solutions to what needs to be done to address unpaid care and domestic work.







Title: Counting Women: using disaggregated data to build a resilient and inclusive Blue Pacific.

77065_Flyer_Side event-page-001.jpg Organiser: UNDRR/WINDRR/SPC/DFAT

Description: Counting Women: using disaggregated data to build a resilient and inclusive Blue Pacific session will demonstrate the importance of collecting and using disaggregated data, particularly by sex, to understand the differential risk and impact faced by those most severely impacted by climate induced disasters; explore the ways in which disaggregated disaster data has been used to inform policies, programmes, and investments in the Pacific, to reduce the impact of climate induced disasters on women. The sideevent will also identify and promote the use of technology to improve the collection, analysis, reporting, sharing and usage of disaggregated data across the Pacific and highlight women’s leadership in improving disaggregated data for resilience.


Title: Pacific Women in 2030: envisioning and inclusive and equitable Pacific Workforce.

Pacific-Women-in-2030-Pacific-Womens-triennial-side-event (3).jpg Organiser: APTC and SPC

Description: The side event will focus on envisioning what realistic progress in terms of education and skills development looks like for women in the Pacific by 2030 (with a focus on women in trade and other non-traditional roles). It will explore and discuss who/what the major hinderances for progress on Gender Equality in the Pacific? (recognising that concerted and creative solutions are needed to enable women to showcase innovation and leadership.

Human Rights and Social Development