The Pacific Community Centre for Ocean Science (PCCOS)

Integrated Ocean Science, Services, Expertise, and Capacity Building for the Pacific Islands

What is PCCOS

The Pacific Community (SPC) is the region’s hub for science, technology and innovation for sustainable development, and home to the Pacific Community Centre for Ocean Science, or the PCCOS.

PCCOS aims to help Pacific Island governments and communities easily access the ocean science and expertise they need to make informed decisions and to protect and sustainably manage ocean resources.

From Ocean Science to Service

Whilst accurate ocean science, data, and information are critical tools, SPC recognises that actors on the ground in our member countries need advice and services tailored to their needs. PCCOS delivers integrated scientific services supporting:

  • Ocean Management
  • Ocean Governance
  • Ocean Observations

Facilitating, coordinating and transforming ocean science into services for SPC members.

More information about PCCOS will be available over the coming months.

For more information please contact: [email protected].


Ocean Decade Laboratories 

Laboratory One

Vaka Moana: A journey to an inspiring and engaging Pacific Ocean
Satellite Activity for an inspiring and Engaging Ocean


For an inspiring 2 hours on Thursday 8 July, 190 participants from 14 countries gathered virtually across the region for a journey on the Vaka Moana...voyaging towards an inspiring and engaging Pacific Ocean.

With 6 amazing panellists from diverse backgrounds in the region including theology, academia, science and research, including indigenous knowledge, and perspectives from Pacific young people, scientists, navigators and policy advisors - together we reflected on Pacific-led solutions for the ocean we want, the connection between our traditional knowledge and identity with the ocean, and our young people and early career ocean professionals as the leaders of today and tomorrow. 

Four Pacific poets and composers grounded us in our heritage, reminding us how we are inextricably linked with the Moana, the Blue Pacific. 

With these reflections and creative contributions, the audience engaged in the Futures Triangle, answering questions and adding their voices about the weights of the past, the push of the present and the pull of the future as we journey towards an inspiring and engaging Pacific Ocean.  

Their voices were captured and reported back live, with the rich insights to inform the forward actions and advocacy of the Pacific Community. Taking participants’ voices into action for an inspiring and engaging Ocean.

Through this virtual gathering, we co-created our vision of what an inspiring and engaging Pacific Ocean looks like to us. And we’ve done so with the premise that the future is created by us, we prepare and take with us what we need on our vaka, including the dynamism and boldness of young people, as we chart our course together. For details of the Futures Triangle document capturing the collective visions shared, this can be made available by the Pacific Community. 

This deep, reverent connection with the Ocean and indigenous knowledge passed down through millennia is invaluable in the Pacific region. The ocean is us, we are the ocean, and we are all in this together. 

Full session: 


Laboratory Two

Vaka Moana – Weaving traditional and modern science to understand current and future ocean conditions

 The Pacific is a major driver of the global climate. Pacific Islanders are directly impacted by what is happening in this vast Ocean and are the first witnesses of these changes.

People in the Pacific are using both traditional and modern knowledge of the ocean to understand and predict how the ocean is affecting their livelihood.

For our voyage through the Pacific, we will follow a current system that will take us from the heart of Polynesia, going West through Melanesia, then turning fast eastward along the equator as we share our ocean stories weaving traditional and modern science to understand our ocean conditions.