RESCCUE Project - Greening taxes and subsidies in Pacific Islands Countries and Territories

Making taxes and subsidies more sustainable is one of the challenges that the RESCCUE Project tackled as part of it support for the development of innovative economic and financial solutions.

RESCCUE PROJECT - Land Transactions

Land acquisition and easements for conservation made easy How to use land acquisition and easements for conservation in Pacific Island Countries and Territories? RESCCUE investigated the best options!

RESCCUE Project - The Mitigation Hierarchy

Strenghthening the mitigation hierarchy implementation in Pacific Island Countries and Territories.

RESCCUE Project - Regional Documentary

PROTEGE takes off

Mangrove crab fishing in New Caledonia. (image: Matthieu Juncker)

RESCCUE project in the Southern Province of New Caledonia

Discover an overview of RESCCUE Project activities in the Southern Province of New Caledonia.

RESCCUE activity in Fiji: the Vatu-i-Ra marine park

RESCCUE Project in a nutshell                  In the Ra Province, Fiji, the RESCCUE project supported the setting up, the management and funding of the biggest marine park of the country.

RESCCUE activity in New Caledonia: RAMSAR

RESCCUE Project in a Nutshell In the Caledonian Great South, RESCCUE supported the establishment of an integrated management plan for the RAMSAR area.

RESCCUE activity in Fiji: mangroves restauration

RESCCUE Project in a nutshell In Fiji, RESCCUE help restore some degraded ecosystems, which are crucial to build resilience to climate change, like mangroves.

RESCCUE activity in French Polynesia: towards sustainable pearl farming

RESCCUE Project in a nutshell (2/13) We stay in French Polynesia where a sustainable pearlfarming in the Gambier is essential for the lagoon as well as the local economy.
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