Learn about delicious Ngali Nut Butter from Solomon Islands on World “I Grow Your Food” Day


I Grow Your Food Day, held on September 14, 2023, invites everyone into the food conversation through organic and agroecological farmers sharing their experiences first-hand and helping citizens make their voices heard on food and food systems. 

In celebration here in the Pacific, the SPC Land Resources Division and their POETCom (Pacific Organica and Ethical Trade Community) initiative introduce you to Cynthia Tago with the Sol Agro Company in the Solomon Islands. Cynthia shares the organic origins of the Nagli Nut Butter.

SolAgro produces a variety of organic products and distributes them to various shops in Honiara. Sourced from organic ngali nut trees on Rendovah Island – and labelled with Organic Pasifika, a Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) certification with the POETCom, this ngali nut butter is the healthier organic choice for consumers.

In celebration of World I Grow Your Food Day, Ms Tago reminds us of the benefits of growing and creating value-added organic products for Pacific Island families.


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