Strengthening environmental leadership and governance in North Efate


Two local environmental networks in Vanuatu are being supported in their work to conserve and manage natural resources.

This follows a Social Leadership, Governance and Strategic Planning training conducted recently (14-17 February) in Mangaliliu Village on Vanuatu’s Efate island, which was co-convened by the Shefa Provincial government and the Pacific Community (SPC).

SPC, through its RESCCUE project, aims to strengthen climate change resilience through use of Integrated Coastal Management.

Since 2015, RESCCUE has been working in Vanuatu to implement activities through existing local government and community committees and networks.

As a fundamental part of this approach, the project is supporting local environmental networks in their self-development and work-planning.

Supporting the ongoing strategic planning meetings of local networks contributes to the long-term strength of these networks, who will continue to guard the health of Vanuatu’s environments after projects have come and gone.

Executive Committee members and champions from the Tasivanua network and the Nguna-Pele Marine and Land Protected Area Network joined Shefa Provincial Government Officer Taman Onesmas, and RESCCUE team members, to learn more about community leadership, good governance methods to be accountable and transparent in activities, and strategic planning to achieve their goals in the future.

“Governance is a powerful system for committees. Inside governance, many things are included. If you have good governance you have a strong committee and strong network, you can achieve goals according to organisational purpose,” said Mr Onesmas.

The Social Leadership & Management training is also supporting these two community-led environmental networks, who both operate in North Efate and Efate’s off-shore islands, to review their Constitutions and Strategic Plans.

Vanuatu RESCCUE is working in partnership with local environmental volunteers and networks, to build long-term resilience activities that will benefit future generations.

The RESCCUE project is funded primarily by the French Development Agency and the French Global Environment Facility. In Vanuatu, the project is being managed by Opus International Consultants, working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate activities, and with a local team including Live and Learn and Development Services supporting implementation of activities.          

Media contacts:
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Kylie Mullins, Vanuatu RESCCUE Communications and Capacity Building, [email protected]  or +678 772 7356

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