RESCCUE activity in Fiji: the Vatu-i-Ra marine park

RESCCUE Project in a nutshell                 

In the Ra Province, Fiji, the RESCCUE project supported the setting up, the management and funding of the biggest marine park of the country.

RESCCUE, a regional climate change adaptation project implemented by SPC, and funded by AFD and FFEM, mobilized ocean science in several of its pilot sites towards the implementation of nature-based solutions. In Fiji’s Ra Province, WCS and partners conducted ecological and socio-economic surveys that fed a participatory process to establish Fiji’s largest Marine Conservation Park. These scientific inputs also contributed to setting up a funding mechanism to implement the Park management plan, which was developed by the communities and endorsed by Fiji’s authorities. This example illustrates how the combined use of ocean science and traditional knowledge can drive changes towards more resilient ecosystems and communities.

RESCCUE is a project, funded by the French Development Agency and the French Global Environment Facility, that contributes to increasing the resilience of Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) in the context of global changes. The project operates both at the regional level and in one to two pilot sites in four countries and territories: Fiji, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, and Vanuatu.

Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (CCES) Programme